Digital Mums "I very much enjoy running my own business and wish I had done it years before.”

"I very much enjoy running my own business and wish I had done it years before.”

This blog is part of our campaign to showcase our diverse and talented alumni members. We have partnered with That Works For Me who connect brands to flexible freelancers so if you think any of our alumni could support you with your marketing efforts visit our Hire page here.

Meet Cathy, 50, who studied on our Advanced Diploma in Social Media Marketing course in 2016. To say Cathy has a wide range of talents is a bit of an understatement. She has grown several businesses and organisations from scratch. These range from a digital agency and membership business to companies looking to change the landscape for girls and young people on the autistic spectrum.

Cathy runs a digital agency called Socially Contented. Cathy is passionate about supporting others to build their knowledge and expertise. She’s often seen in our alumni community answering questions around her areas of specialism. She has taken this to the next level and built her own training business offering anything from a one hour session to an eight week course and she has also co-founded Go With The Pro, a membership community for social media managers so she could take her support to the next level for those that join.

"I am running a digital agency and I train/mentor businesses and other social media managers. I offer a done-for-you service on paid social, bespoke training or consultancy for businesses needing help with Facebook ads, support to social media managers needing help and soon mentoring too.

Through my agency I have had a very wide variety of clients - social enterprises, top 10 global orchestra, a Royal Society, coaches, management consultants, recruitment companies and global manufacturing companies.”

As if that wasn’t enough last year Cathy co-founded Teen Calm, a subscription box for anxious teens with her 14 year old daughter and she is the owner of Fighting Inequality for Girls on the Spectrum (FIGS), an organisation to campaign for and support autistic girls.

“I suspect I like to be busy! But I very much enjoy running my own business and wish I had done it years before.”

We asked Cathy to share her wisdom on her areas of specialism – paid social and LinkedIn marketing/social selling and business support. Her are her top three tips.

1. If you ever think you might run Facebook ads at any point in the future, please install the Facebook Pixel on your website now. It's free and it will start collecting data for you now which might prove very useful in the future.

2. LinkedIn is a great place to find clients if you are a service-based business or B2B - but you do need to put the time in. Spending time consistently posting and engaging on LinkedIn will pay off if you look like you know what you are talking about.

3. Done is better than perfect. If you are starting your own business, there is a never-ending list of jobs to do. I could work morning till night 7 days a week and there would be still be more I could do. It's overwhelming. But picking a few tasks to get done at the beginning of the week and making sure they get done will ensure you take the small steps necessary to keep your business moving forward.

Check out Cathy’s many entities here:

Her digital agency www.sociallycontented.com

Her Go With The Pro membership community https://gowiththepro.uk

Her subscription Teen Calm www.teencalm.com

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