Digital Mums Why it’s time to #ShareTheLove (and a big treat for you!)

Why it’s time to #ShareTheLove (and a big treat for you!)

Ah February the month of true love! So as mums sometimes Valentine’s Day might be a bit of a hit and miss affair (for those of you who remember our #RosesAreDead social media campaign last year, you might recall our lovely Co-Head of Storytelling Ali being delivered a beautiful bunch of flowers only to discover they were actually for the neighbour!!).

Whatever Valentine’s Day has in store for you, we are definitely feeling the love here at HQ for all our brilliant students and graduates. Read on to also find out about a very special discount we want to share with you. There are now over 1300 of you so there is a whole lot of love that needs to go around!  In the years since we launched Digital Mums we have just seen so many brilliant women graduate from our courses and go on to find amazing Work That Works® that fits flexibly around family life.

Digital Mums Why it’s time to #ShareTheLove (and a big treat for you!)

When Nikki and Kathryn set up Digital Mums, at the very heart of what they wanted was to create a supportive community to combat the isolation you can sometimes feel both as a mum and a freelancer. And based on the love that everyone feels in the DMCollective and for their fellow students, it has worked!

This community starts during training, with students teamed up with a peer group of five or seven brilliant women to learn from and learn with - the NCT of your training world. Then when you graduate you join our 800+ strong #DMCollective - a virtual tribe of freelancers to share ideas, successes, challenges, questions, best practice, job opportunities and a shoulder to cry on with.

Friendships are genuinely made forever and many of our Digital Mums go on to work together with some teaming up to form their own agencies and others covering for each other during holidays, when workloads get too much or if a specialist skill such as photography, website design or SEO is needed.

Digital Mums Why it’s time to #ShareTheLove (and a big treat for you!)

So this February we are going to celebrate all this amazing love that there is at Digital Mums with our #ShareTheLove campaign over on on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

We have lots of awesome content coming your way, including:

  • Hear from some of our brilliant peer groups including the ‘Digital Doyennes’ on why the peer group is one of the best things about doing our training.

  • Digital Mums in Business - there are SO many awesome Digital Mums now working together and creating amazing businesses! Look out for stories from some of the best including South London Social, Lollipop Social and The Little White Cow.

  • A special discount - As well as sharing stories of brilliant Digital Mums we're also offering a time sensitive discount of £400 on our courses to any of you signing up before Valentine’s Day. Contact our Admissions Team for more information.  

  • Just because it’s Valentine’s Day we have also asked some of our mums to #ShareTheLove for their favourite TV presenters. Results in next week and they are definitely an eye opener!  

  • Cute dog pics - well because that’s what Valentine’s Day is about too right and Rolo and Cooper don’t half make good models!

How to get involved

Look out for our posts on social and give a shout out to a fellow Digital Mum and #ShareTheLove.  Perhaps it will be tagging your peer group and saying what they mean to you or sharing a time when a Digital Mum has supported you or celebrating a work project you have done together.  

Use the hashtag #ShareTheLove and we will be sure to share your stories on social. The more the merrier! Every day in the DMCollective we hear amazing stories of support and kindness and we want you to share them loud and proud. What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than a big old Digital Mums Love-in; #ShareTheLove style.

Contact our sales team now and sign up before Valentines Day to get a discount of £400 off our next course.  

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