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We train mums with in-demand digital skills to help them create stimulating, flexible careers that fit around family life. For businesses, we provide high quality, flexible social media support to help them grow. And so far, so good: to date we have trained over 1,500 mums.

Digital Mums About

Our Mission

For all mums to achieve their perfect work/life balance for the good of businesses everywhere

We have a big goal here at Digital Mums to support every mum to achieve their perfect work/life balance - something we call #WorkThatWorks. Equally, we want to give businesses access to high-quality flexible freelance talent so they can make the most of digital and social media. Our solution is to offer innovative learning programmes that provide mums with in-demand digital skills that get them job-ready and enable them to kickstart flexible careers. 

We live in an age where technology has irrevocably changed the way we work yet there is still a serious lack of flexible working in the UK. Too many mums are still forced into having to choose between a fulfilling career or being there for their children. 54,000 women lose their jobs every year due to maternity discrimination and there are currently 2.6 million mums not working in the UK. Of course, for some staying at home is a choice, but seven in 10 SAHMs would go back to work if there was more flexibility. 64% of mums have taken work below their skill level simply because it is flexible. 

We're solving two problems with one positive solution, offering a way to empower mums to access the skilled work they deserve, on their own terms, while providing businesses with highly-skilled digital talent.

Digital Mums About

Empowering mums to kickstart new careers in digital

Our co-founders, Nikki Cochrane and Kathryn Tyler, first set up their own social media agency, Hackney Social, in 2012 and were overwhelmed with demand from small businesses. They needed more social media managers and recognised mums as a vast untapped pool of talent.The work was a perfect fit as it was totally flexible and would fit brilliantly around family life. Using Kathryn’s training background, the pair designed a course to teach mums everything they needed to know and empower them to kickstart new careers in digital. 

That was four years ago, and to date, Digital Mums has worked with over 1,000 mums and businesses. We currently boast over a 95% graduation rate and over 90% of our graduates that finished over a year ago have found paid work, which they directly attribute to our training. Our vision is that all mums should be able to achieve their perfect work/life balance and that’s why 10% of all our profits go to training low income mums via our bursary fund, so our programmes are inclusive for all. 

Nikki and Kathryn were both named Digital Mavericks by Campaign magazineand two of the 40 women over 40 currently shaping the internet by the Telegraph’s Stella magazine. In October, they were also named Red Women of the Year 2016 in the Start-Up Category and were one of 11 women presented with Marie Claire's Future Shaper Awards.

Our Story

Digital Mums About

Our Culture

We live and breathe our vision to create the perfect work/life balance

We’ve grown from a team of just four to over 40 in the past three years and all of our team are empowered to create #WorkThatWorks for them. The majority of us are mums that work part-time and remotely, and between us we have over 50 Digital Kids! We strongly believe work is a thing you do and not a place you go. 

But that’s not to say we don’t love a team get together. Whether it's doing the Tough Mudder together or meeting at our HQ in Hackney, you can always guarantee a lot of fun! In fact, our office is a popular place to visit thanks to our Co-Heads of Snuggles and Cuddles, Mr Coop, the English Bull Terrier, and Rolo, the French Bulldog puppy. 

One of our mantras here at Digital Mums is #DoTheHustle; whether you’re in our team or part of the wider community, we’re all about having self-belief, taking ownership and making opportunities happen. We’re proud to work with and train such incredibly passionate women, all of us united by the desire to find #WorkThatWorks.

The Team

Digital Mums Kathryn Tyler

Kathryn Tyler


Kathryn set up the business with Nikki so shares our responsibility for changing the world for mothers everywhere. Also known as #onetakeTyler or #Katinthehat - she has more aliases than Jason Bourne.

Digital Mums Nikki Cochrane

Nikki Cochrane


Nikki set up the business with Kathryn so the weight of our flexible mission falls on her shoulders. She comes out in hives if she has to leave E8 and is the only person under 90 with an addiction to wine gums. 

Digital Mums Cooper


Co-Head of Snuggles/Jobshare with Rolo

Cooper has been honing his snuggling skills from a young age, so he was an obvious choice for this role. The fact he works for peanuts as payment is a bonus - well the buttered variety anyway.

Digital Mums Annika Iantosca

Annika Iantosca

Talent & Sales Manager

With a phone attached to her face, Annika leads our Talent arm and our crack team of sales experts. Gets tetchy if you mention jumpsuits or helicopters but is always open to a 'challenge'

Digital Mums Becca Johns

Becca Johns

Social Media Guide

Becca guides our students throughout their Digital Mums journey with hangouts and feedback to ensure they deliver campaigns that smash their goals. She is hopelessly addicted to Twitter and Diet Coke.

Digital Mums Elvira Tynan

Elvira Tynan

Co-Head of Learning

Elvira is our Co-Head of Learning, responsible for the delivery of our innovative REAL Learning Programmes, designed to get our students job ready. An Irish-Colombian mum living in (& loving) SE London.

Digital Mums Nina Gordon

Nina Gordon

Senior Admissions Consultant

Nina is the first point of contact for all new enquires from prospective students and Programme Partners. She ensures they all get the right info and guides them through the admissions process. She has a crazy e-mail inbox and is always multitasking!

Digital Mums Richard Miranda

Richard Miranda

Head of Growth

Richard is our Head of Growth, responsible for helping us achieve our ambitious plan for world domination. He is the man among mums.

Digital Mums Anita Naik

Anita Naik

Captain of the Mothership

Anita is one of the Captains of the Mothership on G+. She also facilitates between Programme Partners and Trainees so part fixer, part agony aunt, part Equalizer!

Digital Mums Jo Dale

Jo Dale

Operations / Projects Manager

Jo makes shit happen. Team events, tote bags, special projects, recruitment, HR and also dealing with major crises like the disappearance of forks from the office. Lover of green smoothies and Freddo chocolate frogs.

Digital Mums Kathryn Dyer

Kathryn Dyer

Captain of the Mothership

Kathryn is one of the Captains of The Mothership - essentially she is one of the social media experts who helps answer queries on a day-to-day basis for our Digital Mums. She's equal parts agony aunt and motivator, ensuring students enjoy their time learning with us.

Digital Mums Rolo


Co-Head of Snuggles / Jobshare with Cooper

Rolo will be growing his snuggle skills under the watchful eye of Mr Coops. He's available for any speaking opportunities on #WorkThatWorks. If interested please contact his agent.

Digital Mums Gill Munro

Gill Munro

Social Media Guide

Gill provides expert support for our students during their learning. She can spot a frown, and turn it upside down, in a flash. She is also working on Product Development for Digital Mums.

Digital Mums Fiona Bridges

Fiona Bridges

Social Media Guide

Fiona cheerleads our mums and their awesome campaigns along the Course, providing feedback and support on the way. She loves a good Instagram filter.

Digital Mums Claire Bingham

Claire Bingham

Social Media Guide

Claire is one of our Social Media Guides. Her role is to support our mums on their Digital Mums journey with hangouts and feedback to help them deliver totally awesome and kick ass campaigns.

Digital Mums Karen Jones

Karen Jones

Social Media Guide

Karen can be found hitching a ride with students on their digital learning journey. In return, she provides support, encouragement and a bit of well-placed feedback to get those campaign engines revving.

Digital Mums Sarah Butler

Sarah Butler

Social Media Guide

Sarah is our Social Media Guide, providing strategic insight and support to students on their journey to world domination in Social Media Management. Loves to laugh til she cries, drink wine and eat chocolate & gherkins (but not together).

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