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We upskill women with in-demand social media and digital skills so they can find rewarding and flexible careers. Our groundbreaking training has a 92% success rate and is geared around getting women job ready like no other training can.

Digital Mums About

Our Mission

To empower women with the skills, self-confidence and self-belief to find #WorkThatWorks for them.

Our goal at Digital Mums is to help women return to the workplace, hustle for the roles - and pay - they deserve and make positive changes in their current careers. We empower women with #WorkThatWorks by building digital and workplace confidence or getting mums job-ready in a flexible career on our vocational programmes.

Technology has transformed the way we live but has yet to truly disrupt the way we work.

Today’s on-demand culture means people expect 24/7 not 9-5 and to meet these demands businesses need an agile workforce. For decades businesses and the economy have lost millions of talented women (and billions of pounds) by refusing to offer flexibility around their families. Now millennials are following suit with 8 in 10 saying they want a more flexible way of working.

We’re developing an army of modern workers equipped with the digital skills needed by businesses to adapt to the changing working world. We’re also creating 21st century workplaces for employees and employers to thrive by helping businesses become more agile.

Work That Works® benefits everyone and has the ability to transform the lives of millions of working mums.

Digital Mums About

Empowering women to kickstart new careers in digital

Nikki Cochrane and Kathryn Tyler set up their own social media agency, Hackney Social, in 2012 and were overwhelmed with demand from small businesses. They needed more social media managers and recognised mums as a vast untapped pool of talent. Both Nikki and Kathryn had seen their mums struggle to find meaningful work that they could juggle around childcare. They also knew that maternal discrimination in the workplace was still a huge problem preventing women from returning to rewarding work. Using Kathryn’s training background, the pair designed a ground-breaking course to teach mums everything they needed to know and empower them to kickstart new careers in digital. And so Digital Mums was born.

That was five years ago. Since then, we've trained over 1,800 mums, with amazing results. We are proud to say that our approach to learning gets students 'job-ready' like no other training course on the market. 92% of our social media graduates have successfully completed our training and 4 in 5 have found rewarding work within 12 months of graduating. We launched a new training course, Digital Retox, to help support even more women with career confidence, and we’re working with big brands to create 21st century workplaces for employees and employers to thrive.

In recognition of Digital Mums’ contribution to reducing maternal discrimination and its positive impact on the digital world, Nikki and Kathryn have previously been named Red Women of the Year, Marie Claire Future Shapers and two of 40 women over 40 shaping the internet by the Telegraph’s Stella magazine.

Our Story

Digital Mums About

Our Culture

We’re all about women supporting women

We’re ALL about women helping women and from the start set up Digital Mums to be a supportive community to combat the isolation women can sometimes feel both as a mum but also a freelancer. This starts during training, where students are teamed up with a peer group of fellow students to learn from and learn with - the NCT of your training world. For our vocational students this support network carries on after graduating in the form of our #DMCollective - a virtual team of colleagues to share ideas, successes, challenges best practice and job opportunities with. Friendships are genuinely made forever and many of our Digital Mums go on to work together.

We also recognise that confidence and imposter syndrome are huge barriers preventing many women from achieving their career goals - either in their existing workplace or when looking to return to work. That’s why we set up our Empowering Women with #WorkThatWorks Facebook Group to help women everywhere (not just mums or our graduates) get their workplace and career mojo back.

This sense of support is echoed in our own team. We strongly believe work is a thing you do and not a place you go and the majority of us work part-time and remotely. Only 16% of our team are full-time and office based; 44% work remotely; 40% never step foot in the office. But we also love a team get together. Whether it's belting out karaoke classics at our Hackney HQ or team bonding sessions in London, you can always guarantee a lot of fun!

The Team

Digital Mums Kathryn Tyler

Kathryn Tyler


Kathryn set up the business with Nikki so shares our responsibility for changing the world for mothers everywhere. Also known as #onetakeTyler or #Katinthehat - she has more aliases than Jason Bourne.

Digital Mums Nikki Cochrane

Nikki Cochrane


Nikki set up the business with Kathryn so the weight of our flexible mission falls on her shoulders. She comes out in hives if she has to leave E8 and is the only person under 90 with an addiction to wine gums. 

Digital Mums Elvira Tynan

Elvira Tynan

Co-Head of Learning

Elvira is our Co-Head of Learning, responsible for the delivery of our innovative REAL Learning Programmes, designed to get our students job ready. An Irish-Colombian mum living in (& loving) SE London.

Digital Mums Rhiannon Davies

Rhiannon Davies

Social Media Manager

Responsible for our social media strategy and overseeing all our channels is Rhiannon, who tells her kids she's basically a professional chatterbox. Can often be found mucking about in DMHQ for the sake of the 'Gram.

Digital Mums Kathryn Dyer

Kathryn Dyer

Captain of the Mothership

Kathryn is one of the Captains of The Mothership - essentially she is one of the social media experts who helps answer queries on a day-to-day basis for our Digital Mums. She's equal parts agony aunt and motivator, ensuring students enjoy their time learning with us.

Digital Mums Anita Naik

Anita Naik

Captain of the Mothership

Anita is one of the Captains of the Mothership on G+. She also facilitates between Programme Partners and Trainees so part fixer, part agony aunt, part Equalizer!

Digital Mums Cooper


Co-Head of Snuggles/Jobshare with Rolo

Cooper has been honing his snuggling skills from a young age, so he was an obvious choice for this role. The fact he works for peanuts as payment is a bonus - well the buttered variety anyway.

Digital Mums Rolo


Co-Head of Snuggles / Jobshare with Cooper

Rolo will be growing his snuggle skills under the watchful eye of Mr Coops. He's available for any speaking opportunities on #WorkThatWorks. If interested please contact his agent.

Digital Mums Karen Jones

Karen Jones

Social Media Expert

Karen can be found hitching a ride with students on their digital learning journey. In return, she provides support, encouragement and a bit of well-placed feedback to get those campaign engines revving.

Digital Mums Inna Gavryliuk-Noor

Inna Gavryliuk-Noor


Inna is our fabulous finance officer, responsible for all things money!

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