Digital Mums 10 more blogs from Digital Mums students

10 more blogs from Digital Mums students

About six months ago we published a round-up of ten blogs from some of our students. Since then we've had a lot more of our students write about their experiences completing our Social Media Marketing: Associate Programme and we thought it was about time to do a follow-up. This is by no means a ranking or comprehensive list - just ten blogs picked at random from some of our students (now alumni!).

1/ Brave New World: A Journey in Social Media

After years in the non-family friendly TV industry, Megan was left without a job to go back to once she took a career break. In order to find a job that fit round her son, Megan started working evenings in a local restaurant and pub, and that's when she came across us. This is a seriously heart-felt piece and well worth a read.

But the most important thing it has given me is a belief in myself and the ability to push myself again and be proud of my achievements. I’ve fallen asleep at my computer, I’ve wanted to throw the computer out the window. I’ve cried, laughed, groaned and nearly had a meltdown, but now I can honestly say — I am sad it’s nearly over.

Megan Harries

2/ I #lovelivelearning (and Digital Mums)

After a long career in the not for profit sector as a fundraiser, self-confessed learning addict Ruth joined with the goal of learning as much as possible. She goes into detail about how our unique learning model allowed her to break the back of learning multiple different skills throughout her time on the programme.

It seems like a lifetime ago that in August 2015, all of these things and many more seemed so difficult and almost impossible. A testament to the Digital Mums teaching, format and support network. If you are considering signing up, don’t hold back.

Ruth Thomson

3/ My new delivery

Francine balanced doing our programme while working part-time and is frank and honest about how she managed it. In fact, she likens it to having a baby - lots of things take you by surprise, there's a few sleepless nights and ultimately a beautiful new beginning.

I bumped into a friend by chance the other week and I explained to her what I had up to for the last 6 months. I even impressed myself with the fountain of social media knowledge that I had accumulated and I was not even hustling for work. I sounded like a true professional.

Francine Barsam

4/ Improving my driving with Digital Mums

Ex-Ad Exec Eleanor walks you through her experience, bumpy bits included, highlighting just what a vital part our community and peer groups play. And even more importantly, she shows what happens when you take a car analogy to the extreme - you create a super insightful and hilarious blog.

Most importantly you have learnt that you are not alone. There’s a wonderful community of supportive ex trainees who will continue to share their driving experiences and tips for fuel efficiency with you. Ex trainees like you who are now out there, looking for chauffeur work and who are profoundly grateful to their training car and trainers. Even if sometimes the road was very bumpy.

Eleanor Mitchner

5/ My Digital Mums Story (part 2) — Time to Fly the Nest

In the second part of her blog series Helen dives into the nitty gritty of her final few weeks on the Programme. This is a great one if you want a summary of what happens on a week-by-week basis during the programme.

This means that it is now time to fly the Digital Mums nest and face the world as a freelance social media manager. I am an actual social media manager, with an actual client. My first time as a freelancer, yes I’m a bit unsure of exactly what the future holds, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Helen Watson

6/ The world is a-changing

As a single mum, Samantha was worried about getting the balance right between work, study and parenting. However, with digital and social becoming more and more important, she knew she had to take the plunge to make sure she stayed relevant. Although it wasn't always easy juggling everything, she regards it as investment well made.

And what about the other questions I had for myself? What would I get out of it? Loads. Its interesting, engaging and I’m really enjoying my digital journey. Would I enjoy it? An emphatic YES!

Samantha Patel

7/ Imposter Syndrome.. and how I’m overcoming it.

After years of struggling to make her working life fit with her family, Claire finally took the plunge and set up her own Virtual Assistant business. Soon after she decided to join our programme to add another string to her professional bow. She goes into depth about her struggle with 'Imposter Syndrome'- something many of our students feel - and how she's been overcoming it.

An unintended consequence of my training has been that I’m so passionate about businesses using social media strategically to meet their objectives, my VA business doesn’t just have strategic social media as a string, it’s already become the majority of my business, managing platforms for 3 clients.

Claire Williams

8/ My Digital Mum (and then some) Experience

Publisher Mel talks about the pressure of completing the programme while having to continue running her business, and how the programme actually helped her pivot it in a more social media-focused direction.

I have also realigned my own business to include social media in the mix and I’m starting to see a stream of social media consultancy work come my way. In fact I gave my first Social Media presentation to over 50 teachers last week. Who would have thought!

Mel Barawood

9/ Five learnings from my month as a #DigitalMumToBe

Zoe jumps in with some real talk for what it's like doing our course with a baby AND a toddler. Learnings include: your baby sometimes won’t nap when you need them to; you’ll have the latest nights you’ve had in years; you can't be a perfectionist; and you won’t catch up in the half-term break (no matter what you think). There is a final piece of learning as well.

You will realise you are taking part in something special. And that makes numbers 1–4 things I can live with, for the opportunity, sense of community, new skills and belief in myself I have gained.

Zoe Greenall

10/ How not to build a Twitter following of Zombie aficionados and other Social Media lessons.. a quick thank you to Digital Mums

Jay writes a hilarious blog detailing some of the more light-hearted things she took from the programme, from middle-aged American content marketing 'gurus' to #hashtagging #everything in your #life. She ends with a warning about the perils of being brainwashed by your own campaign.

I have turned into a fully-fledged, it’d-be-a-real-mistake-to-sit-next-to-me-in-the-pub advocate of mums’ employment issues. I have been walking around in a permanent state of outrage on behalf of all the hugely talented mums who need skilled, flexible, home-based work.

Jay Curtis
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