Digital Mums 12 Digital Mums & 12 amazing (and different!) jobs

12 Digital Mums & 12 amazing (and different!) jobs

Flexible working around family life is becoming a reality for so many more mums every day and that is something that we are very chuffed about. We recently spoke to 12 of our graduates, most of whom completed the Associate Programme, about the kind of work they have been doing and the results make for fascinating reading.

From delivering training to setting up consultancies; there are so many mums doing such interesting jobs. Read on for a snapshot from different graduates on what their work life looks like now - so much #WorkThatWorks going on!

"We are launching our own social media agency"

One of the really amazing things about Digital Mums is the opportunity to meet like-minded mums. Although we were not in the same cohorts Vicky, Ruth and I all happened to live in South East London. We decided to meet up and share some ideas and discovered we all had similar aims. We realised that time and effort could be saved, and our message amplified, if we joined forces. South London Social was born.

We have put together an exciting package of social media management and training services to meet the needs of local South London businesses. We've only been going a few weeks but have already created our initial branding, built a website and set up and sold tickets to our very first local business workshop!

And we've already got new clients as a result. We also have ambitious plans; including more workshops, events and a twitter hour. It has been hard work with lots of hustle, but it's wonderful to be working as part of a team of Digital Mums."

Nicky Hobbs, South London Social

“I’ve upskilled and found new freelancing opportunities”

I left my job as features editor of Grazia last summer; I’d had a second baby and we’d moved out of London so I just couldn’t make the cost of childcare and the length of the commute work. I started working as a freelance writer but I wanted to have other income streams and not just be reliant on journalism.

I graduated in May and am currently working for the client I was matched with during training, Womanity. It’s an amazing NGO empowering women and girls around the world. I’m also helping another local business with their social media on an ad hoc basis and am just preparing to pitch for another potential client. Alongside this I’m still freelancing for titles including Grazia and The Telegraph. Plus I've recently written the #SocialDoneRight series for Digital Mums. All of this I’m doing from home in hours that work for me and my family. Result!

Louisa Pritchard. freelance journalist

"I deliver bespoke training"

“I originally did the course so I could offer social media marketing as an additional service to my clients at the PR agency I co-run in Whitstable, Kent. I’ve connected with so many local businesses recently and established that while there are those that want us to run their channels there are also a huge number that need help but don’t have the budget for a social media manager.

So we’ve been offering bespoke training and workshops to small businesses on how they can get the most out of their social media. I give them pointers on strategy and how to get better results. The training is completely interactive and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Digital Mums has given me so much expertise and it's good to pass that knowledge on.”

Jenni Page, co-founder of Chilli PR & Social

Digital Mums 12 Digital Mums & 12 amazing (and different!) jobs

"I am a course tutor with Digital Mums"

"I’ve always been a marketer, mainly working for international software firms and specialising in digital marketing. Before Digital Mums I was working part-time for a software vendor and actually found it harder to manage once both children were at school. It's a running joke in our house that although it's part-time hours, it's still full-time expectations. So I did the course to upskill and explore different work options.

Excitingly I’ve recently been taken on by Digital Mums themselves as a course tutor on the social media management course. Students get so much amazing real world social media experience and I love finding out about the different campaigns that they are doing! I also have one main freelance client, Finygo Fishing who I’m doing digital marketing and social media for. I like having that day-to-day experience of being a social media manager to help inform my work as a tutor. I now work from home during school hours and am loving it!”

Becca Johns, course tutor at Digital Mums

"I’m a freelance social media manager with five clients"

“I graduated the Digital Mums course in October 2015 and since then I have been working as a freelance social media manager. I’ve recently just signed my fifth client and work an average of 30 hours a week, completely flexibly and around family life.

Before you do the course it’s hard to imagine what it will be like afterwards and whether it will be difficult to find work. But I’ve learned how to Do The Hustle and the result is I’m also regularly approached about other work that I just don’t have time for at the moment. I’ve even been able to specialise in areas that I’m most passionate about; B2B clients and sports. If only there were more hours in the week!”

Sarah Bennett, freelance social media manager

“I have a totally remote and flexible job 20 hours per week"

I used to work at Jimmy Choos in London but the commute and the hours just weren’t compatible with family life. I really hoped that when I graduated the course I’d be able to get a job with one client instead of having to juggle lots of different businesses as I felt it would suit me much better. And I have found that exact job!

I’m running five social media platforms as the UK and Ireland community manager for Invisalign. They produce custom made nearly invisible braces for your teeth. I do 20 hours per week and it is 100 percent flexible and remote. My life now, compared to the 9 to 5 slog, is a complete revelation. I am able to do my job around family life – so for example when the kids are napping or in the evening. Plus I can manage my time on a weekly basis and figure out what works best for everyone. I genuinely feel I have found the perfect balance."

Vanessa Carlos, community manager

Digital Mums 12 Digital Mums & 12 amazing (and different!) jobs

"I've got my dream part-time marketing job"

"Before Digital Mums I was working as a Marketing Manager at Oxfam. I adored the job but with a two hour commute each way I left on maternity in the sad knowledge I simply wouldn't be able to return.

Having a clean break enabled me to have a long, hard look at my CV. Working in larger organisations, other teams managed social media marketing and so as a result I had only a basic overview. I felt I needed to upskill to open more doors. And I was right. I graduated in April and got a job immediately as Marketing Manager for the Air Ambulance Service and Children's Air Ambulance. I was hired mainly due to my recent, solid social media management experience which gave me an edge over other candidates. The job was advertised as full time but I've negotiated four days a week plus there is flexibility so I get to drop off and pick up my little one from childcare. The best bit is it’s 20minutes from my front door!"

Vanessa Wakeford, marketing manager

"I speak at social media events"

"Doing the Digital Mums course was by far the best career decision I have ever made. I’m loving my new role and the true flexibility it offers. I’ve branded myself The Social Mum and I help small businesses, mostly run by busy mums, with their social media.

One side of my business that I especially love is running training workshops with local networking groups and speaking opportunities. I was recently approached by Social Day and asked to speak on the expert panel at Social Day Kent. It was a Q&A session, so the delegates could ask any social media questions to me and the other experts. I’ve actually always hated public speaking but when you know a subject means you get confidence to get up and do these things."

Gemma Lloyd, The Social Mum

"I work for Digital Mums"

Before kids I was working as a senior recruitment consultant; I loved the work but regularly pulled 50 hour weeks and I knew there was no way it would be compatible with family life. So I took a new path and did the course back in January 2015 and went on to work with a number of social media clients after graduating.

Then last July Nikki and Kathryn spoke to me about heading up The Talent Team at Digital Mums. My job is to match graduated mums with businesses that need help with social media. I bring in the businesses and then liaise directly with the mums. It really is the perfect combination of my skills. I now work four days per week and choose whether I want to work from home or from our offices (which I love doing). My hours are totally flexible so it’s up to me to manage my time accordingly. It is honestly the best job I’ve ever had!"

Annika Eade, talent manager at Digital Mums

Digital Mums 12 Digital Mums & 12 amazing (and different!) jobs

"I set up my own social media consultancy"

I used to be head of a fundraising department at a world-leading business school and university. Since having my son, while I am still as driven and committed to my career, I'm now in this slightly different field and one that is perfect for flexible working. I kept working for my program partner, The Soap Co., after graduating the course. Then within a few months I set up my own consultancy Social Social to provide social media management, consultancy, training and mentoring to charities and social enterprises. I’ve delivered a range of projects for different clients and have also passed on work to other Digital Mums.

Training has always been a passion of mine and I’ve particularly enjoyed delivering sessions on social media for Bloomsbury Beginnings, Country Living and Social Enterprise UK. Digital Mums has opened up a whole new career path to me which brings together a lot of my skills and experience beautifully."

Ruth Thomson, founder of Social Social

"I offer strategic social media advice and consultancy"

"I have been running my own marketing consultancy, Intelligent Insight Ltd since having children. I focus specifically on customer communications strategy, of which social media is a crucial element.

After I upskilled with the course I felt I could hit the ground running, knowing that I had something new and exciting to talk to my clients about. I am now able to offer really strategic expert advice across all communication channels. As I tell my clients, social media is the best way to talk to your customers, without it any communication strategy would be flawed."

Juliet Mumford, founder of Intelligent Insight Ltd

"I've become even more digitally relevant in my current role"

I work three days a week as an executive content producer at Somethin' Else, a content agency. I oversee all the work we do for the BBC Pop Music networks - so Radio 1Xtra, 1, 2, 6 Music and Asian Network. This can be audio, visual or social content.

I'd been in a similar role at work (though I've been promoted twice whilst pregnant with each child!) for quite a while, and I felt like I needed to expand my skill set. I regularly exec social media content, but I felt I'd skipped the nuts and bolts of content production in this area. It felt really good to get my head around that and learn so many other new digital skills. It was also great to work with a client from an area I'm not familiar with, and expand my client base beyond the BBC. I now feel I've been equipped with even more digital skills thanks to the course."

Chloe Straw, executive content producer

To find out more about our Associate Programme, click here to read more about it and what you'll be learning.).

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