Digital Mums Back To School For Mums

Back To School For Mums

Earlier this year we launched our #LearnIn campaign and have shared some worrying data on the fact that adults aren’t learning - in fact adult participation in learning is the lowest it’s been for 20 years. And mothers, in particular, are struggling to learn.

Through our podcasts and blogs, we heard all about the importance and benefits of learning, from earning potential, to the ability to work flexibly, to improved mental health, to improved relationships… and even finding a partner! But in order to get learning, women -and particularly mothers - have a whole load of hurdles to overcome.

So this Autumn we will be focusing on the barriers that are stopping mothers from learning and will be focusing on helping them to overcome these barriers through useful content, free lessons and more.

If you have school-aged children you’ve probably just been through the back to school routine: new shoes, new uniform, smart haircuts, healthy lunchboxes and trying to get everyone into bed at a decent hour and out of the house on time!

But now it’s time for YOU to go back to school. Yes, we will be launching a “Back to School for Mums” week, this November, encouraging mothers to learn something new, no matter how small. And to help you along we will be offering a free short course and some free taster lessons.

The best bit about this? You have the perfect excuse to get some stylish stationery and a new notebook!

We are also launching brand new courses to add to our portfolio so look out for our:

  • “Becoming a Successful Freelancer” course starting on 4th November
  • “Back to Work Bootcamp” a reworked, renamed, rebooted version of our successful Digital Retox course.

Our new Work That Works Academy will host all our courses, with training content aimed to help women get the career they deserve - it’s an exciting time at DMHQ and we’d love you to join us on this journey! If you’d like to catch up with Part I of the campaign then you can listen and subscribe to our podcasts here, or, if you’re interested in being the first to hear about our new free courses on our Work That Works Academy then just sign up here.

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