Digital Mums Back to Work Bootcamp: 2020 Admissions Open!

Back to Work Bootcamp: 2020 Admissions Open!

If you are on a career break and are looking to walk back into the workplace with confidence, then look no further. Today we are opening admissions for our Back to Work Bootcamp, specifically designed to support women on a career break to build the 21st-century skills and digital mindsets employers are looking for. This course is our Digital Retox, renamed, reworked and rebooted specifically for women on a career break.

How does it work?

We have designed a unique learning experience that has three powerful elements:

  1. A practical project designed to build the 21st-century skills most in-demand from employers today. The course scaffolds study around a practical, hands-on project so you get to build in-demand soft skills and hard skills employers are looking for. Expect to build creativity, critical thinking and collaboration skills and to gain experience in user-centred design, visual and video communications and data analysis.
  2. Career-focused lessons to build a work-ready personal brand. You will focus on developing a strong personal brand and a compelling LinkedIn profile - so important for finding work in today’s competitive job market.
  3. A unique Digital Mums coaching framework to support you to develop the right mindset. Because we know women can lose confidence when on a career break, we have also developed our own Digital Mums coaching model to offer coach-led all-student sessions and coach-set individual and group exercises and challenges to help you to develop the right mindset. You will be supported to set the right goals and develop actionable plans to get back into the workplace.

We have designed the course to work whether you have been on a 9-month maternity leave, or a 9-year career break. We welcome students of all levels.

How is it structured?

The course is 10 weeks long, and requires around 4 hours of learning each week. This learning can be done flexibly, apart from a fixed weekly virtual live lesson which is interactive. There will be fixed project deadlines each week that you will complete in peer groups.

What can I expect at the end?

We capture data from our graduates to ensure the Bootcamp is successful and we are very proud of our course outcomes:

  • 93% of graduates improved their awareness and understanding of digital trends
  • 93% of graduates improved their digital confidence
  • 80% of graduates improved their overall digital skills
  • 87% of graduates felt more capable overall

We measure the outcomes that matter on our courses and because we focus on workplace competencies, we also demonstrated that graduates:

  • Improved their ability to use modern workplace tools such as Google Suite, Slack and Trello
  • Felt more able to work collaboratively on a project at work with remote colleagues
  • Felt more able to find and select a new digital tool to help them work effectively
  • Felt more confident introducing a new digital tool at work and showing colleagues how to use it
  • Felt more able to participate in a digital project and to lead a digital project in a workplace setting
  • Were more able to use LinkedIn effectively and felt more able to list technology skills on their CV to stand out from the crowd

Don’t just take our word of it, hear from our graduates.

“This course has given me so much confidence about returning to work in my field and has reminded me of the skills and knowledge I still have, even though I've been out of the workplace for a while”. Rachel

“I’ve became a lot more confident about using digital work tools such as Slack and Trello and about my own abilities to learn again and take on something new. It’s given me the confidence to say; ‘Yes, I can do that!” Victoria

“Thank you so much for kick starting my career after taking a few years out. My industry had changed so much and I realised my skill set was no longer relevant. With my confidence restored, I've moved into a new role that fits in with my family life perfectly.” Vikki

“Just getting to grips, quickly, with new technology is a real boost for someone who’s been out of the workplace for a while. My digital knowledge has now been given a complete overhaul and it’s really boosted my self-esteem.” Denise

“This course has given me so much confidence and knowledge in digital skills, using apps, working collaboratively and remembering how great I can be. Thank you I feel like a new woman not just a mum”. Sarah

“It felt empowering and inclusive and incredibly reassuring to know there were other women in the same situation as me and we were all willing each other on!” Susanna

“This was a fantastic experience which not only did I learn loads but also got to build up my confidence and interest once again in the digital space. Also, I got to get to know other women in same position as me.” Anita

“Learning about how the workplace is evolving has made me feel more comfortable heading back to an office environment and has been invaluable for my confidence”. Sarah

When does it start?

The course starts on January 27th. So you can start the New Year with a clear plan to get your career back on track.


Sign up to learn more and to be sent an information pack, which contains the curriculum.

Not on a career break but like the sound of the course?

If you like the idea of this course but aren’t on a career break, don’t worry. We are also working on translating this course into a digital leadership course for those currently working but dissatisfied with their career choice or career level. This course will be focused on building digital leadership skills with a focus on the next steps in your career. We will be launching this course in 2020 so register your interest here.

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