Digital Mums Meet 12 Kick-ass and Confident Mums

Meet 12 Kick-ass and Confident Mums

Starting something new can often be a bit scary and let’s face it, feel daunting. A lot of our mums start our course having had long career breaks or because they want to change careers.  So if you're reading this and in that position, perhaps you're wondering ‘can I actually do this?’ Well don’t worry, you’re not alone. So many of the mums we speak to every week feel exactly the same way!

But judging on how amazingly our Digital Mums do in training, the answer to if you can do it is, overwhelmingly YES.  When we speak to our Mums on graduation they tell us they've learned masses about social media but even better their confidence levels have skyrocketed! 

We want everyone to feel like that which is why we launched our  ‘Get Confident this Summer’ webinar series.  We've so far heard from three awesome speakers including success coach, Ruth Kudzi,  Vicki aka Honest Mum and Co-Founder of the Step Up Club, Phanella Mayall Fine. We have one webinar left with Digital Mums Graduate, Ruth Thomson happening on Monday August 14th. You can sign up to the webinars here.

Always ones to be positive, to compliment the webinars, we wanted to share some of the brilliant confidence boosts that our graduates have felt as a result of doing the training.  So check out these 12 Digital Super Mums telling it how it is... just click on their names to read more of their stories.

"Towards the end of the course, I started to feel much more confident about what I was doing. I would say to all of those thinking of signing up or those who are starting the journey; it’s going to be tough at times,  but Digital Mums have got your back. I couldn’t have got through some of the weeks without my cohort — we were all there for each other, and their support and encouragement was phenomenal."

Annabel Iskas

"I’ve had a surge of utter pride when I’ve checked my phone to see a few big influencers share content. I’ve had a blissful time on the beach with kids happily playing while I caught up with emails and scheduling. Instead of being resentful for working on a Saturday, I thought, this is what it’s all about. And at the end, I had a little running-man dance celebration in the kitchen with my kids when I realised I’d stormed my KPIs and I could officially say my campaign was a huge success."

Gail Sheen

“It was a great moment when the campaign had kicked in and I suddenly thought ‘I can do this’. My biggest success was actually getting to the end of the course.  Showing my children the tenacity you sometimes need in life and how difficult studying can be, but also how rewarding it is when it all goes right. Having completed the course I feel totally energised and excited about my new career opportunities.”

Hannah Robb

“I can’t quite believe that I’ve only been a graduate Digital Mum for three months - it’s non-stop! Since Digital Mums my confidence has grown ten-fold, along with my love for work. I am so much happier and just love that I can be here for Oliver and my two stepchildren Toby and Paige. It's a win-win situation!”

Helen Manchip

"As I reflect back on my time during the course, I’m simply astounded at what I have learned and chuffed to bits with what I have achieved. With one client under my belt, and lots of conversations in the pipeline, I’m looking forward to my new career in social media management and the flexibility that it offers."

Sarah Brown

“Aside from literally blowing my KPIs out of the water, I’d say my biggest success was actually finishing the course! I really felt like I’d achieved something by sticking it out, even when occasionally it felt overwhelming -  I’d done it and done it well. I felt really proud of myself”

Kimberley Hogarth Moore

"For six months I have been surrounded by women who have never questioned whether or not I can do this. They’ve just asked me to try, righted me when I’ve wobbled, and huzzahed when things have gone well. Who wouldn’t be brave with that support? Being tasked with measuring progress, engagement and the reach of my campaign each week was daunting. But the results slowly started to speak for themselves. As the KPIs grew, so did my self belief."

Abby Shacklock

"Another amazing part of the course was my peer group- they are amazing, inspiring women and I am so happy I ‘met’ them. The value of a group of amazing women coaching you, cheer-leading you and supporting you is priceless. The course has given me a huge confidence boost. It has shown me that I have a love of marketing for a reason. I can see that I know my stuff, am buzzing with ideas and I can use all of my skills to make a difference in the world."

Natasha Louise

"It’s been so very liberating going back to coursework and lessons. I’ve felt empowered to be taking my career into my own hands again and feeling super-confident about the work I can do in the environment I am pitching into."

Catherine Doran

"There’s no better way to learn how to do this than jumping in at the deep end. Happily it’s not a case of sink or swim here, you have support from your peer group and from Digital Mums experts, you go in with armbands and come out feeling like you’ve swum the channel. So, is this the  course for you? Who knows, that’s for you to decide. But I’ll let you into a secret, you might think you don’t have what it takes, but you do. You find it on the journey."

Katy Henson

"It has been an amazing year so far. I can’t believe how much I have learnt, not only about social media, or children’s mental health (you read a lot of articles in your search for great content) but also about myself. I’ve made great friends, created wonderful memories, challenged myself to the nth degree and now I can’t wait to see what the future holds."

Lisa McLauglin

"Do I know everything there is to know about every social media platform? No, but no one else does either. It’s now part of my job to build on what I have learned and keep my knowledge up to date. But do I have the skills and confidence to go out there to find clients, devise a social media strategy for them, design a campaign and manage their platforms? Yes, I really do."

Kirsty Clark

Sign up to one of our  ‘Get Confident this Summer’ webinars here. If you are interested in our Social Media Management Course get in touch soon as there are only two more cohorts available in 2017.  Alternatively simply click here to book in an informal chat with our Admissions Team.

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