Digital Mums "How our Campaigns made TV and Radio fame!"

"How our Campaigns made TV and Radio fame!"

So you’re thinking about doing the Social Media Management Course and perhaps wondering what exactly this ‘Movement’ is that keeps being mentioned as part of the training.  Well if you didn’t already know, what distinguishes us from other training courses is from Day 1 you’ll be delivering a real live social media campaign. Everything you learn you get to try out in real life straight away.

So rather than work with a business or develop your own personal social media channels, you run a grassroots campaign based in your local area. You get to choose from a number of campaign briefs, or ‘Movements’ that you then develop throughout your training. Each of these revolves around a specific theme.  So the Community Movement, for example, involves championing local events and businesses. You choose what resonates with you (and what clients you’d ultimately like to work with) and personalise it to your local area.

There are so many amazing Digital Mums running awesome campaigns right now but to get a taste of what you can achieve read on to find out about three Digital Super Mums who took their Movement to the next level.

"I was on the front page of two papers"

Digital Mums "How our Campaigns made TV and Radio fame!"

Roz Kara, 44, is from London and mum to Mia and twins, Lola and Kiyana. Roz worked in branding and communications before being a full time mum  for six years.

“During the course, I created Elated Eating, which aimed to change how we view food, understand where it comes from and how it gets to our plates.

My twitter following grew quickly and soon I was being approached by organisations as something of an influencer.  A number of businesses wanted to work with me as well as feature me! A big food chain approached me to work with them on designing and supplying a seasonal salad for their 23 shops in London. Through this I worked closely with a local farm that supplies organic, locally grown fruit and vegetables to restaurants across north east london and runs a veg box scheme. I was also approached to talk about sustainable fruit and vegetables within the UK, on a London based radio talk show.

Then our local Guardian and Recorder newspapers picked up my campaign from Facebook and featured me on the front page of both papers. Since then I’ve been asked to write a bi-monthly column on seasonal food for a local magazine.

Digital Mums "How our Campaigns made TV and Radio fame!"

Aside from the amazing success of the Movement, the biggest highlight for me was meeting a group of talented and supportive women via my peer group.  Like me, they were returning to full time work after having children, and were looking to be their own boss and work flexibly whilst still having time for their families.  Without the continued support from my peer group I would not have grown in confidence as much as I did.  We are all still in contact regularly now and rely on each other for ideas and support both personally and professionally.

The course means you get to network with potential clients via your Movement’s social media channels all the time.  I was directly approached by a few businesses via Elated Eating which led to signing up my first client. I am currently running a brand awareness campaign for a local florist who previously had no social media presence at all. I also manage an interior designer’s social media channels and thirdly I’m working with a marketing manager and delivering social media strategy and management for her clients.

I have kept Elated Eating going with a view to grow it, and continue the sustainable, seasonal food movement.  I hope to be able to monetise it at some point in the future.  It may take a while as I’m now so busy with clients; not a bad thing! Either way I still get to continue my passion whilst earning money to build it over the next two years."

"Kirstie Allsopp became a regular supporter of my campaign!"

Digital Mums "How our Campaigns made TV and Radio fame!"

Lucinda Holt, 40, is mum to Lola and twins, Violet and Ruby, and recently moved to Lancashire.  She previously lived in Austraila and worked in media sales, after having her twins she became a full time mum before starting her Digital Mum’s journey.

“I created Crouch End Kindival which was a community campaign celebrating and inspiring local acts of kindness. I highlighted many kind actions happening in the Crouch End area and started performing my own local acts of kindness in hope of creating a ripple effect and encouraging others to follow suit. The hashtag #crouchendkindness was born.

I organised a ‘Kindness Day’ at my daughter’s school and other local schools. Pupils created kindness drawings which were pinned around the schools. I was so chuffed when three local magazines, Crouch End Connection, Highgate Handbook and Muswell Flyer, all featured the drawings!

Next up as part of the Great British Spring Clean, I organised a Crouch End Tidy Up. Our local newspaper, The Ham and High, featured the event in both the weekly newspaper and online news. The article headline mentioned my #crouchendkindness hashtag!  Many other local papers covered it too. 

Digital Mums "How our Campaigns made TV and Radio fame!"

The absolute highlight though was that Kirstie Allsopp became a regular supporter of Crouch End Kindival and retweeted many of my posts. Having such a big influencer on board was such a boost. After graduating, Britain Tidy contacted me and I began consulting with them for the #GBSpringClean2017. In May, they invited me to a celebration event of the Great British Spring Clean at the Houses of Parliament.  And best of all, Kirstie Allsopp was the guest speaker.

I have also now started working with my first client, a Crouch End Children’s Boutique. I'm bursting with ideas such as hosting local social media management workshops to making Kindival bigger and better.  I am raring to go.”

"My campaign was featured on the radio"

Digital Mums "How our Campaigns made TV and Radio fame!"

Rhiannon Davies, 41, from Battersea is mum to twins Carys and Morgan. After taking a break from teaching she started her own small business selling biscuits, but after three and a half years found that she preferred running her social media channels than making the biscuits!

“My course campaign was called Mums of Wandsworth. It was a community campaign aimed at inspiring, supporting and motivating mums in my local community. I was trying to get mums to interact by sharing relevant articles, stories and businesses which focus on mums, rather than kids. I also wanted to introduce them to local businesses which are aimed at mums or run by local mums as well as try to get local businesses involved too. The aim was also to have some fun!

I have so many amazing campaign highlights: I spoke about my campaign on a local radio station and Mums of Wandsworth was featured in an online magazine. Also, I gained lots of likes and retweets from brilliant influencers like Honestmum and the Unmumsy Mum, who has over 35,000 twitter followers.  Plus, I managed to get Talented Ladies Club as my special guest on my tweetchat which was brilliant.

Digital Mums "How our Campaigns made TV and Radio fame!"

As a result of my campaign, I got invited to a lot of events in the local community and beyond. I was also lucky enough to get a lot of freebies! An iPhone workshop, catering for an event, a spray tan, a night out at a local restaurant and a lot of fitness classes which was good because I mostly ate a lot of coffee and cake!

Since I graduated I have kept Mums of Wandsworth running, albeit at a lighter pace and try to use it as my portfolio and as a way of connecting with businesses in my local area. I have two clients at the moment, with a further one starting in September and am setting up my own SM consultancy aimed at mumpreneurs and small businesses. I am also running some individual training sessions for local businesses in areas they are interested in developing. With my background in teaching, I really enjoy this element and will be pushing this more in September.”

If you are interested in our Social Media Management Course don't hang about as there are only two more cohorts available in 2017.  Alternatively simply click here to book in an informal chat with our Admissions Team.

Digital Mums Foundation in Social Media Marketing: 2020 Admissions Open!

Foundation in Social Media Marketing: 2020 Admissions Open!

We have officially opened up admissions for our next Foundation in Social Media Marketing course, starting in January This course is designed around the needs of busy mothers and women, offering maximum flexibility through online study and bite-size lessons.

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Digital Mums "I knew it was time to sharpen up my skills with a view to propelling myself forward into something more exciting."

"I knew it was time to sharpen up my skills with a view to propelling myself forward into something more exciting."

Rose Crabb was a marketing insights specialist on a three-year career break when she realised she needed to update her digital skills after taking some freelance work. She is now a Strategist at a small Artifical Intelligence startup and credits the course for giving her the skills and confidence to get this job.

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