Digital Mums Final two weeks to lock in our current price

Final two weeks to lock in our current price

We can't believe it's been a year since we officially launched our Social Media Management Course. Our goal was to create a course that made flexible working a possibility for every mum, regardless of their professional experience or background. We designed our Social Media Management Course to do just that - take mums who might not have any social media or marketing experience and get them job ready in half a year. Since then we've had over 500 mums enrol. And because we're stats geeks we're always measuring exactly how close we are to achieving our mission. The latest data from surveying our graduate has shown that:

  • 66% are working and 84% of these attribute this, at least in part, to training with us.
  • They earn on average £17/hour.
  • 70% increased their confidence.
  • 91% increased their skills.
  • 73% increased their professional support network, linking in to our community of Digital Mums graduates.
  • 94% of students would have been disappointed if they hadn’t had the opportunity to train with us.

Although we're pleased, we're not satisfied with these numbers. For some training providers, getting two-thirds of their students into jobs would represent success beyond their wildest dreams. For us it's not good enough for the high standards we set ourselves. We want an overwhelming majority of our students to find #WorkThatWorks and we’re dedicated to doing as much as possible to make that happen.

What we've realised over the last year is that we just can't deliver our proven REAL learning model at the Social Media Management Course’s current price. All the things that make it amazing - constantly updated materials, high levels of support from the Digital Mums team, skills and performance based assessment - also count as significant costs for us to implement. As our Co-Founder Kathryn explained in this blog about the challenges of running vocational training, to increase the quality of our training means we have to increase the amount of man hours our team puts in and therefore the cost. We’ve made the decision to increase the price of the Course to deliver the level of support and quality of experience that we know our students want and need to be job ready at the end.

That’s why from 2018 the price of our Social Media Management Course will be increasing to £2,399 (inc. VAT) due to the changes we're making to further improve our training and better support our students into jobs.

We know that not everyone can afford our vocational training, but thankfully, to coincide with this price increase students will be able to access Career Development Loans via the Government to pay course fees. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more details.

With that in mind, our next available Social Media Management Course cohort starts in October. October's cohort is the last chance to lock in the current price of £1,800 (inc. VAT) as it is the last cohort we're running this year.

By joining you’ll:

  • Get practical, hands on experience in social media marketing.
  • Be in supportive peer groups with other like-minded women.
  • Gain marketable skills and great career prospects.
  • Receive unlimited access to our training content after you graduate.
  • Get free access to our bonus Do The Hustle Course to help set you up as a freelancer and find paying clients.
  • Join our alumni community, the amazing #DMCollective, after graduation.
  • Access to our soon-to-be-launched Digital Mums job board once you graduate.

If you've been contemplating signing up and starting your journey towards finding work that works for you, then this is your final chance to do so for the next three months. All students that sign up for our October cohort will be able to take advantage of our current price (£1,800 inc. VAT). The registration deadline closes in two weeks on Sunday 1st October.

As this is our last cohort for the next three months and because of the forthcoming price increase, places are going quickly. If you are keen to get going and want to take advantage of the current price, please don't delay - the enrolment deadline ends in just over two weeks. You can go here to apply - it should only take you 10-15 minutes to complete the application.

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