Digital Mums Digital Mums launch our brand new podcast

Digital Mums launch our brand new podcast

In celebration of our 5 year anniversary of delivering social impact, we have launched our very own Digital Mums podcast!

Why a podcast?

We’ve been getting a lot of love for our audio lessons because mothers are telling us that audio is the easiest format for them to fit into their busy lives.

We also have a lot to say on a variety of subjects and our team are a highly talented bunch of women.

What can you expect?

Our podcast will focus on a range of topics around motherhood and careers. It’s a big area so we’re going to keep our podcast episodes diverse and interesting. Expect episodes on:

  1. Digital and social trends | Well we are Digital Mums so expect episodes from our team on interesting digital and social media trends.
  2. The future of work | We’ll explore workplace trends, from flexible working to the death of email.
  3. Diversity and equality | Diversity and equality is a big passion of ours and we’ll be chatting about the issues of the day and will invite on guest speakers with something to say.
  4. Working parent dilemmas | Our team of working mothers are well placed to tackle those challenges you face every day.
  5. Lifelong learning | Our podcast wouldn’t be complete without episodes to help you become a lifelong learner - seeing as that’s our core mission!

Our episodes will go out weekly on Monday mornings.

Check out our podcast here.

Digital Mums Free Digital Bootcamps for mothers in at-risk retail roles

Free Digital Bootcamps for mothers in at-risk retail roles

We are delighted to announce 250 free spaces on our summer Digital Bootcamp for women working in sales/customer services roles in the retail sector.

Digital Mums Coronavirus Crisis Announcement

Coronavirus Crisis Announcement

There is no such thing as “business as usual” at the moment. There is nothing “usual” about the unprecedented crisis our society is in. However, we wanted to reach out to our community to let you know that we will be active throughout the Coronavirus crisis period and to update you on what we are doing.

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