Digital Mums Digital Retox has given me a massive confidence boost and I’ve already applied my learnings at work

Digital Retox has given me a massive confidence boost and I’ve already applied my learnings at work

Meet Alex Chell (35) who lives in East London with her two-year-old son. She works full time at a global tech company and graduated from our Digital Retox pilot course in April. Here she shares how she’s applied her learnings from the course direct to her workplace.

“There are so many reasons why I decided to do the Digital Retox. Firstly, I wanted to sharpen up on my general digital skills and find efficiencies and new ways of working which I could implement in my day-to-day job. But I also wanted to learn about coding and data - two topics I had no previous knowledge of. On a personal level, I was really keen to think in new ways, meet new people and learn again! It's been a long time since I studied and Digital Retox has really sparked my desire to be a lifelong learner.

The course has given me a massive confidence boost and I’ve already applied so many of my learnings direct to my work. I’ve implemented new video content for our internal quarterly newsletter which has been very well received. I have initiated conversations to recommend TouchCast as a presentation tool (which is now undergoing review) and have discussed alternative internal tools for collaboration and communication with a hope that we can implement our own versions internally (because unfortunately, we can't use Slack or Trello). I've also reused a lot of the ideas I learned around personal learning styles for our Finance Development training programme, specifically around mixing up formats (for example, audio and visual) to appeal to more people.

Digital Retox has taught me way more than I expected and given me tangible skills and tools that are changing the way I, and my organisation, work. I now want to innovate further in my current role and add even more value at work. I’m also keen to gain insight into areas I may want to develop further to facilitate a career change in the future. It’s a brilliant course for anyone wanting to hone their digital skills and I’d 100% recommend it.”

If you want to future-proof your career, you can go here to secure your place on our next Digital Retox cohort starting on 17 September. We’re currently offering an early-bird discount of 20% off the full price of the Digital Retox, so it’s worth getting in quick!

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