Digital Mums Why the #DMCollective Rocks

Why the #DMCollective Rocks

One of the best things about doing our training? According to our graduates it’s the amazing #DMCollective that you join on graduation. We’re so proud here at Digital Mums that we give our students a community for life, not just the pathway to a new career. Freelancing can be stressful and a little lonely at times, and that’s where the #DMCollective comes in.  

On completion of the course all graduates join our incredibly active, supportive and exclusive community. Think about your virtual office buddies as THE place to brainstorm an idea (amazing what the hive mind of hundreds of  awesome women can come up with), offer you a virtual hug if you need it, not to mention work opportunities! As well as the online Facebook community there is also the fun of the country-wide IRL meetings.

But don’t just take our word for it, over to our Digital Mums to share exactly why they love the #DMCollective so much.

Real life meetings

“On the face of it we should be competitors as we’re all working in social media but that isn't what this community is like at all. There is such a feeling of sisterhood with us all coming together and being there to help and support each other. It really is such a bonus to have a community to share your triumphs and disasters with. I was overwhelmed by the positive comments I recently received after posting about having my first paid blog published. Equally whenever I have a question about something social media related, I always receive so many helpful responses. The best thing is there is no question too random or silly. My client also loves the fact that I have the whole #DMCollective mind to call on when I/they have an issue with something. It's one of the reasons they took on a Digital Mums graduate.”

Lorraine Doxey

...but with healthy competition!  

“You graduate the training, you need to get out there, #DoTheHustle, brush up on Pinterest skills, write that blog post, but there's always a child demanding this, a husband wanting that, a school PTA request, a washing pile, school reading, homework, doctor's appointments to be made, tax returns to be sorted. But then you log into the #DMCollective and it hits you. Everyone has the same shit going on but they've parked it and they're getting stuck in, engaging, swapping ideas, giving tips, picking brains, marching on. It forces me to ditch all the other dull jobs-I-don't-get-paid-for stuff and get stuck in myself. For me it's also a slight healthily competitive thing. I was so exhausted after graduating, and then dealing with the summer holidays that I'd lost my way for a few weeks and hadn't been hanging out on the #DMCollective. Then when I did, BOOM! I panicked. Everyone seemed to be so on it, such energy, such ideas, so many work options and projects flying about. I realised this was the momentum I needed, which I'd lost when the course ended. When you see everyone else is out there kicking ass, it’s inspiring. I don't want to be left behind and it motivates me to do the same. Working from home, it's like my virtual office team and now a part of my daily work structure.”

Alexandra Borthwick 

A place to find work… 

With most training you might meet others and get on well for the duration of the course, but promises to 'stay in touch' rarely work out. Now that I've finished the course, not only am I still in regular contact with my peer group but having access to the #DMCollective alumni group is amazing! Everyone is genuinely rooting for everyone else and is very generous and supportive with their help and advice. One Digital Mum was at capacity so asked me if I was interested in some work. The answer was yes and I’m now managing Green Ginger Design's social media. I'm also putting a proposal together for another potential client that was passed on by another Digital Mum. I always try to 'pay it back' when I can by supporting other mum's accounts and campaigns. I think the #DMCollective is hard to describe to anyone who isn't part of it. It's certainly something which I didn't expect when I started the course but it's been the best part of it in many ways.”

Claire Greville

The ultimate confidence boost

“Digital Mums has, quite frankly, turned my life around. Non-Digital Mum Jenny had a lack of career vision, was under-confident, felt like a jack of all trades but a master of none. Roll forward a year, Digital Mum Jenny has #WorkThatWorks, feels like she's a bit of an expert in something at long last, and feels both valued and supported by the amazing #DMCollective. Now I have enough work for the moment, it's great to be able to recommend clients approach other Digital Mums and feel confident they'll do a great job. And it's fab to know that when you have an inevitable 'wobble' the #DMCollective are on it!”

Jenny Hall

A skill swap shop

“There are so many multi-talented Digital Mums within the #DMCollective. Between us we cover everything from PR and journalism to sales and web design. This means that we can often do skill swaps to help each other out. I’m personally from a sales background so I recently offered proposal reading to a Digital Mum in exchange for some help with proofreading. I’m not very confident in creative writing so it was great to have one of the journalists in the Collective look at my work. By extension I’m really used to proposal writing so I’m always happy to pass on my knowledge.”

Clare Williams

Work beyond social media management

“Both of the paid jobs I've had since graduating have come through introductions from the #DMCollective. One Digital Mum needed help producing graphics for a potential client and we landed up working together for seven months. Then recently another Digital Mum posted that she had a friend who worked in child protection who needed some regular administration work done, including creating newsletters (something I do regularly). I expressed an interest and was chosen because I had previous experience in safeguarding as part of my previous teaching career.”

Roz Collier

Digital Mums Why the #DMCollective Rocks

A place to learn new skills 

“Social media is constantly evolving and we need to stay on top of so many new trends to stay relevant. We all have access to the #DMCollective library of content but there is always new trends and ideas being talked about daily in our Facebook community too. When Instagram Stories launched earlier this year, for example, there was just so much helpful advice.  Someone immediately posted a great guide which was so useful for those of us like me who hadn't used it in training or for a client yet. The Collective is an invaluable resource for keeping us all informed, confident and sharing whatever we can (dare I say as only women could?!). The support for each other is amazing!

Rachel Fallon

A 24/7 Community

"Flexible work (both hours and location) are essential to my life and freelance social media management fits the bill on both counts. However, there is a downside to being the only person in the 'office.' You don't have anyone to run ideas past, tap for different areas of knowledge or just provide support when you have a problem. Except we do! Because the #DMCollective is always 'on' and we all benefit whether it’s from techy problems, help with a creative idea or from the many varied related backgrounds of the members such as marketing, web design, or PR. It also provides a warm virtual hug on many occasions!”

Jenni Page

Digital Mums Why the #DMCollective Rocks

If you're interested in hearing more about the #DMCollective and have any questions you need answered, feel free to click here and book in a chat with our Admissions Team.

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