Digital Mums No more 9-5: How I signed a multinational company the day I finished the course

No more 9-5: How I signed a multinational company the day I finished the course

Frustrated by not being able to see her children as much as she wanted, Becci Davis aka The Unnatural Mother quit her job last year to start our Social Media Management Course and finally find #WorkThatWorks.  She has literally just finished the training and she ALREADY has her first client! Below she shares her story:

I have literally just finished the Digital Mums Social Media Management Course.  As part of the training you run a live social media campaign to put everything you have learned into practice. I chose to promote flexible working via my campaign No More Nine To Five.  Promoting flexible working was definitely the right choice for me. It’s something I have a wealth of experience in as I tried to juggle a high-powered job with two kids and limited childcare. In fact I have never been more convinced that my decision to leave my previous job was the right one.

Before starting the course, I worked in the travel industry most recently as a Corporate Account Manager for 15 years which naturally involved a lot of travelling. This wasn’t ideal with two youngs kids at home. I wanted a career that could work around my kids and already had a huge passion for social media so I took a leap of faith last year, quit my job and enrolled on the Digital Mums course. It was the best decision I have ever made.

We decided to take my daughter, Charley, out of nursery when I finished working last July. Yes it was tricky trying to entertain a 2-year-old and complete the course but it means I have seen her every day since and we have enjoyed lots of 1-1 time together that I would never have had in my previous job.

Digital Mums No more 9-5: How I signed a multinational company the day I finished the course

I feel like I have been doing this course for ages but in fact, it has only been six months. There has been highs and lows and lots of late nights. but throughout this, I have had six little voices in my head telling me I could. I promise you I am not going mad, the six voices were those of my Digital Mums’ Peer Group. We, seven ladies, started in July unknown to each other and totally unsure if we would all be here in January. Without my band of Digital Sisters, there is no way I could have finished this course and be so excited for my next adventure.

My peer group has been my lifeline to success and my cheerleaders when no one else can understand why a re-tweet from the HonestMum has sent me streaking in excitement around the kitchen.

At times it felt like I knew nothing about social media and I was winging it, but now I am ‘hustling' for business and actually analysing prospective clients' social media platforms - it’s so amazing how much I have learned! My worry when starting the course was I wouldn’t be able to get paid work after graduation and it has become quite clear that the Digital Mums name along with its accredited training will get you through the front door of many businesses.

Digital Mums No more 9-5: How I signed a multinational company the day I finished the course

I have met so many amazing local women in business and heard their stories of success and thanks to this I now have several prospective clients in the pipeline. I do think that having my blog and having a social media background has at times been an advantage to me but on the other hand I had some bad social media habits that the course has helped iron out.  Do I think the course was worth the investment? Yes, 100 %. Taking a huge wage cut from 3K a month to a few hundred quid earned through my blog while I train has been challenging at times, but with the end goal always in sight, it’s only 6 months of your life.

All my hard work has definitely paid off as the day I handed in my final report I signed up my first client! My client is a multinational media communications company and the business has grown so much they now need someone to take the lead and help them create a digital footprint to help expand the company further. I am feeling extremely confident and excited to start my new career and be part of the ever-growing #DMCollective!

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