Digital Mums "We have flexible work - no experience necessary!"

"We have flexible work - no experience necessary!"

Here at Digital Mums we run two courses in social media management and for one of them, our Social Media Management Course, you don’t actually need any experience in marketing or PR to do the training.

One of the things we often get asked by potential students though is whether it’s really possible to get work at the end of the course. And our answer is a resounding YES. Of course you have to learn to #DoTheHustle but there is plenty of support from us and your peers on that front! Instead of just taking our word for it we interviewed some of our recent community manager graduates about their #workthatworks life since graduation. And really this is just a snap shot of some of the amazing work that is going on...

"I have a totally new work life"

"I studied languages at University and then somehow fell into tourism travelling the world on cruise ships. Of course there was no way this was going to work after our son Arturo, now four, came along. I had no clue what I was going to do work-wise and considered retraining as a teacher or making jewellery.

But then I found Digital Mums and within weeks of starting the course someone I know who manages a folk band said she was desperate for social media help (that happens a lot when you enter this world). I told her I needed to do the course first! I’m now two months into the job and loving it. Like many of my fellow Digital Mums, social media is a completely new world to me, so I’m on a steep learning curve and am regularly found going back through my course notes.

Right now Arturo does 15 hours of nursery a week so I have the right amount of work. Once he starts school though I’ll look for more clients. I love that I can work at home while he is at nursery and still be there for him. That said I do work in the evenings a lot when I find there is less distraction of chores at home. I have no idea what work I’d be doing if I hadn’t found Digital Mums. The course has set me up for a new career and lifestyle which seemed so out of reach a year ago!"

Danielle Biasutti

Digital Mums "We have flexible work - no experience necessary!"

“I no longer have any child care costs"

"Within a month of graduating the Digital Mums course I got my perfect job working 20 hours a week as the UK and Ireland community manager for Invisalign, a company that produces nearly invisible braces for your teeth. I’m running five social media platforms and I work from home 100 percent flexibly and remotely.

What is particularly brilliant is I totally manage my own time. So I’ll start the week and decide what is going to work best for us as a family for the next seven days and work around that. I used to work in retail and life was much more 9-5 so this really is a revelation. And as I can also work in the evenings or at nap times I don’t actually need any formal child care. Of course it’s a juggle but that is a price I’m definitely willing to pay.

The 9-5 life is in the past and I’m now totally in charge of my work life and that feels really good. Fixed hours seem so alien to me now.”

Vanessa Carlos

"I've set up my own business"

"Since finishing the course I’ve got more work than I can handle and have set up my own social media business, Pure Social. There are honestly so many companies out there that need help with social media so there is no shortage of jobs. I’ve been so pleasantly surprised by the amount of work.

My children Alice, two, and Jessie, one, are still tiny but already I have a few clients, I currently work roughly two days a week spread over the week. The kids are in nursery one day and then I just fit in the rest when I can. It can be crazy busy at times but that’s what happens when you decide to set up by yourself. I love the variety and it certainly makes a change from nappy chat!

It was definitely hectic retraining while on maternity leave but I just knew I couldn’t go back to my job as a solicitor in London - the hours and commute just weren’t working."

Lucy James

Digital Mums "We have flexible work - no experience necessary!"

“A total career change has led to flexible work”

"I used to be a script supervisor at the BBC working on drama, comedy and children’s productions. I loved my job, but once my two children were born, working 15 hour days, sometimes six days a week, just wasn't compatible with a young family. My husband works long hours in media and we couldn’t work out childcare that would suit us as a family. So reluctantly, I made the decision to become a full-time mum.

After seven years in the ‘mum graveyard’ I knew it was time for a change and I was itching to get back into work. A friend mentioned Digital Mums to me and I loved the idea of being 'job ready' in six months.

Half way through the course I tweeted about a social media conference I was attending and an ex-boss saw it. She asked if I would help her out on the social media platforms for her beauty business, Kiss The Moon. They sell a range of 100% natural beauty and wellness products that help you sleep and nourish your skin. Jo is based in Yorkshire, Anna, her Marketing Director is based in Oxford and my role as Social Media Manager is from my home office in Surrey. Kiss The Moon is all about #workthatworks too.

Six months ago, I never thought it would be possible to be in a position to work remotely from home in a job that I love and be there for my children too.”

Wendy Cresta

“I’m working from home as my own boss”

"Before kids I worked in hospitality - not exactly the most baby friendly of jobs. So when my now six year old son Oliver, came along, I took a career break and stayed at home. Of course they're only babies for a short time but I noticed the longer I was out of the workplace, the more my confidence started dropping. I had no direction at all and no clue what to do next. Going back into hospitality just wasn't an option.

When a friend told me about Digital Mums, I was worried that my lack of experience would be an issue but as soon as I started the course I realised everyone was in the same boat.

I can’t quite believe that I’ve only been a graduated Digital Mum for three months - it’s non-stop! My freelance work so far is a real mix. I have done a few 1:1 sessions with businesses who have wanted specific help with their social media and have more of these in the pipeline. I am also the freelance social media manager for a media company, which will go live this summer. And finally as part of the course I set up a channel called @BR6Life about life in Bromley, Kent which I am now taking to the next level and looking to monetise.

Since Digital Mums my confidence has grown ten-fold, along with my love for work. I am so much happier and just love that I can be here for Oliver and my two step children Toby and Paige. It's a win-win situation!”

Helen Manchip

Digital Mums "We have flexible work - no experience necessary!"

“Social media used to terrify me”

"After Herbie came along the idea of a 12 hour day working in the City chained to my desk just wasn’t that appealing any more. I needed a Plan B. I liked the idea of Digital Mums but I didn’t have a clue when it came to social media. I was literally on Facebook and that was only because one of the graduates at work had shown me how to do it. I was so worried when I started the course that everyone would be ‘social media savvy’ and I would be the only one that did not have a clue (I had to set up a Twitter account as I had never used it). I can literally remember having butterflies in my stomach just before the course started.

But I was worrying for nothing - I loved it from the very start. There was so much to learn and I mopped it all up, it was exciting and I was learning. When the course finished Digital Mums asked if I would like to join the team at HQ on the admin side.

I now work for them three days a week and that can be as flexible as I want it to be. I get involved in the setting up of all the new courses and bringing the Mums on board, which involves a lot of organising and bit of hand holding. It’s the perfect job for me - I know exactly how they are feeling!

Sam Steel

If you're interested in learning more about our Social Media Management Course, you can go here to book in a call with our Admissions Team..


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