Digital Mums Foundation in Social Media Marketing: September Admissions Open!

Foundation in Social Media Marketing: September Admissions Open!

We have officially opened up admissions for our next Foundation in Social Media Marketing course, starting on September 30th. BUY your place now or REGISTER your interest to download the information pack.
  • This course is designed around the needs of busy mothers and women, offering maximum flexibility through online study and bite-size lessons.
  • You’ll get access to over 80 lessons/resources and 30+ hours of learning.
  • We use cutting-edge, best-practice learning design to ensure your learning is enjoyable and crucially that the learning sticks.
  • We refresh our content regularly. Over 95% of the course content was created in the last 12 months and over 50% was created or updated in the last 6 months. This is crucial because social media platforms change so fast.
  • Learning with Digital Mums connects you to like-minded women facing similar challenges and builds your professional network.
  • Check out our ratings (out of 10) for overall satisfaction, likelihood of recommending to a friend and value for money below.
Digital Mums Foundation in Social Media Marketing: September Admissions Open!

What does the course cover?

Our 10-week “Foundation Social Media Marketing” course will teach you the fundamental process necessary to plan and execute successful social media campaigns. Then once you know how to develop a sound strategy, we'll teach you the tactical know-how required to see results on each of the four main social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Over the ten weeks you'll cover:

  • How to develop user/buyer personas that place the customer at the core of your social strategy.
  • How to establish a strong sociable brand that adds value and builds relationships with your audience.
  • How to design an effective social influencer strategy.
  • The importance of content marketing and how to craft a manageable content strategy for a brand.
  • The process for prioritising the right platforms for the right brand.
  • How to make data-driven decisions that improve the success of your strategy over time.
  • The most effective tactics for each of the major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn).

Who would benefit from this course?

Our Foundation in Social Media Marketing course works for a variety of learners with different goals. Our successful graduates include:

  • Business owners that wanted to apply their learning on their own business accounts to improve their social media marketing efforts
  • Marketing/communications professionals that wanted to update their knowledge of social media marketing best practice
  • Freelancers already offering marketing/social media marketing services to their clients but who wanted to take their strategic skills to the next level
  • Employees that were keen to take on some social media responsibilities at work (enquire with our team about a factsheet for employers if you wish to get the course funded)
  • Women interested in pursuing a career in social media marketing that wanted to learn more before committing to an in-depth vocational course (if you are interested in studying a vocational training course with us in 2020 you will have had to successfully completed the Foundation course first).

You can read stories from our successful graduates below:

  • Helen Robinson, founder of Gifted Local a business which connects people to creative businesses in their local area helping them to shop more sustainably.
  • Mel Booth and Klara Arkerstrom, founders of Marketing Lab, a friendly Marketing Consultancy offering practical and tailored advice and support to a diverse range of clients based in the Surrey Hills.
  • Emma MacFarlane, Marketing Freelancer specialising in travel brands.
  • Keri Mason, Theatre Manager/Sound Designer and founder of new freelancing company Wonderpup Media.
  • Heather Paton, Programme Coordinator for Link UP London’s ReLaunch Programme (who funded her place on the course).

Why choose this course?

There are lots of social media courses out there so why should you choose this one?

There are a number of great features that we've built in to this course to make your learning experience as powerful, fun and manageable as possible.

Engaging lessons

The course contains over 80 lessons and learning resources in a variety of accessible formats, podcasts, infographics, interactive lessons, bite-sized video tutorials, and downloadable guides to take away and keep. We also run weekly live lessons hosted by experts, where you apply your weekly learning to a real business example. These are interactive, so you can ask us questions in real time and we can test your understanding through polls and quizzes.

“The quality of the learning resources are excellent and I will keep referring to the downloads we have.”

“The live lessons were brilliant! The Digital Mums social media experts were knowledgeable, clearly providing lots of useful content and insights about effective social media marketing strategies. The practical case study exercises provided good opportunities to exchange ideas with the other students. The social expert presenters also answered students’ questions very clearly in all the webinars.”

Real-world challenges

The Digital Mums team aren’t just experts in social media we are also expert learning designers. We have used best practice learning design to build a course that’s engaging and valuable. As well as studying the social media theory you will apply your learning each week to develop a clear strategy for an example business or for your own business. This real-world application of your learning means that you will be more engaged, more likely to understand and remember the learning and more likely to build confidence in the subject matter.

“I have seen my confidence has improved and the tweaks that I’ve started implementing are already showing results for my freelance company accounts. I have learned a lot about the strategy side of things which I had no idea was such a large part of social media marketing.”

“This is the ideal course for someone who runs their own social media accounts and doesn't know where to begin. It covers all the essentials for social media from strategy through to fairly in-depth knowledge on the key social media channels.”

Bite-sized and mobile

The course is designed for busy people. The learning resources and activities are bite-sized and manageable and you can fit them in whenever suits you, but the course also has a clear structure and timeframe. What this means is that unlike many self-paced courses (that have extremely low graduation rates of 8-13%) the structure and the weekly live lessons keep you committed. 100% of our Foundation in Social Media Marketing survey respondents said that they managed to fit the learning into their busy week.

”The amount of time required was exactly as described. For us the time commitment and number of weeks was spot on.”

"The learning was manageable to fit around the clients I already have and the children and their activities. I tuned in to most of the weekly live lessons during the swim run whilst my daughter was in the pool!”

“The content in the academy was well laid out, easy to access with great snippets of information allowing you to learn even though I am very time poor. I found I could listen to podcasts on the way to work, watch videos on my lunchbreak and then go through the PDFs and other sources in the evening.”

Great support

On this course you have access to our social media experts that have all been trained by us, with 350 hours of comprehensive social media training behind them and have all been practicing social media managers. They are on hand to answer any of your social media questions.

You also have a dedicated support team to help you every step of the way, who will be your biggest champions. They are there to help with questions but also just to give you a fist-bump when you get a follow from a TV celeb!

“We had different teachers and each teacher presented their area of expertise, whether that was Instagram, Data or Influencer strategy. It was clear that each lesson was very well prepared and fitted in with the overall design of the whole course. Their passion and skill really came across and I found them inspiring to listen to.”

“The support from the Digital Mums team has been brilliant. Emma has been there every step of the way”

An empowering community

When you study the course you are in a community of learners that is made up of women like you. We make it easy to connect to other business owners or women on a career break, depending on your situation.

You also learn in small peer groups, where you share your learning and practical outputs each week.

“I want to say thank you so much for finding my passion for learning after 11 years. You have created a very empowering environment that is not daunting for people like me who has been out of the workplace for some time.”

“The course has a Slack student forum for the entire group and students are then broken into further groups such as by geographical area and industry sector so it was easy to connect and chat to people in similar situations to myself.”

All of our #LearnIn campaign places are sold out, but we have just released a further 50 early bird places at the discounted price of £350 if you sign up to this course before 11.59pm on september 3rd (full price £420). BUY your place now or REGISTER your interest to download the information pack.

Digital Mums is a purpose-driven business. Everything we do is designed to deliver social impact for our staff, our customers and their families. In addition to this, 10% of all our profits go to training low-income mums via our bursary fund (applications are currently closed). We hope that this new course will help us get closer to our mission of supporting millions of mothers to find the rewarding career they deserve.

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