Digital Mums Free Digital Bootcamps for mothers

Free Digital Bootcamps for mothers

We are all reeling at the moment, and it’s actually a challenge to adjust to a life of social distancing. But we know that now more than ever we need to focus on our core mission of supporting mothers in the workplace. So we are delighted to be able to support women that are most in need of support right now, given the situation facing the country.

Digital Mums will be providing up to 1500 free spaces on our Autumn Digital Bootcamp for mothers over the next 9 months for women currently working in the following types of roles:

  • Retail | Mothers working as a cashier, stocker, shelf-stacker in a supermarket, clothes shop or high street shop.
  • Administrative | Mothers who are administrators, personal assistants or holding roles that include repetitive tasks like data entry.
  • Hospitality | Mothers who are waitresses, bar staff, travel bookers and receptionists
  • Customer services | Mothers that work in customer-facing roles either in person or online, whether handling queries from people before they buy or after they buy.

Our Digital Bootcamp is a 10-week online course designed to build the 21st-century skills most in-demand from employers and most impactful for businesses. These skills are the least likely to be replaced by machines - empathy and communication, digital collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and storytelling. We also provide a wrap-around coaching framework to develop the mindsets required for career adaptability because skills are just one piece of the puzzle.

Our Bootcamp is 100% designed around the needs of mothers. The mixture of bite-sized, anytime, anywhere learning with structured evening weekly sessions run by our CoFounders Nikki and Kathryn makes it the perfect blend of fun and flexible. And because students work in small groups on a real business challenge for Digital Mums the course feels totally different from studying at school.

The Bootcamp is suitable for any level of learner and requires 4-5 hours of self-study each week. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never learned online before, or if you haven’t learned since school. We are experts at supporting women of all ages and abilities.

The Bootcamp is also designed to deliver impact for employers, creating a future workforce of customer-centric problem-solvers, equipped with the digital capabilities to support the business to weather challenging times. If you are an employer do get in touch to find out how we might provide free spaces for your staff.

The Bootcamp will run throughout October to early December.

Who is eligible?

Women will be eligible for a free place on the Digital Bootcamp (worth £499) if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are currently a mother, regardless of whether your children are dependents (under 18)
  • You are employed in the above roles (you also qualify if you are currently on furlough which means that the Government is contributing to your salary because otherwise, you would be in danger of being made redundant due to the Coronavirus crisis)
  • You do not hold a University degree

In addition, we will be looking to actively:

  • Recruit students from outside of Greater London
  • Recruit students 45 ond over.
  • Recruit BAME students

How can people apply?

If you are interested in applying, or if you know someone who might be, simply send them to fill out a few questions via this survey. That’s it for now, if they leave their information we will be in touch.

If you are an employer interested in training your staff get in touch with Kathryn Tyler via LinkedIn here.

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Digital Mums “I had been feeling for years that I hadn’t caught up with the fast-moving digital world''

“I had been feeling for years that I hadn’t caught up with the fast-moving digital world''

Chrissy Stonebridge, 59, has two children aged 24 and 25 and lives in Morden, Surrey with her husband. ​Chrissy Stonebridge carved out a successful career in PR in the 1980s and 1990s but after taking time out to raise her family realised the digital world had left her behind. Thankfully a free spot on our Future Skills Bootcamps sorted her out.

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