Digital Mums Future-proof your career with Digital Retox - our next-generation digital skills building course

Future-proof your career with Digital Retox - our next-generation digital skills building course

Following two successful pilots, we’re BEYOND excited to announce that applications for our first all-singing, all-dancing Digital Retox course, starting on Monday 17 September, are now open.

Digital Retox is designed to fast-track students' understanding of the key digital technologies and skills crucial to the 21st Century modern workplace. It will also equip you with the tricks, tips, and tools needed to become a lifelong learner, so you can really take control of your career (being a lifelong learner is one of the best ways to future-proof your career). If you want to increase your confidence when applying for jobs or improve your career prospects in your current role, read on!

In today’s data-driven economy, data literacy is as important as the ability to read and write. Our Digital Retox course builds up skills in new digital workplace technologies such as Slack, Trello and Touchcast and introduces you to in-demand skills like how to improve business performance through data and how to use social media for personal growth. It also demystifies technology buzzwords like coding, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, so they’re no longer the elephants in the room.

Because we know learning by doing is the best way to learn, you’ll undergo weekly challenges to build your new found digital skills, and give you the confidence to try out other new technologies.

We also know that finding the time to study and parent or work is a constant challenge so we’ve included a mix of audio, video and written content to suit different learning styles or environments. We also cover tools that can help you to be more organised at work or at home - ideal for those looking for more flexible ways of working!

We currently offer two versions of our Digital Retox course, which start from £399 incl. VAT and take 3-6 hours a week over 10-12 weeks to complete. Some of the content covered includes:

  • Personal online brand: LinkedIn is now one of the most important ways to find and secure work, with 64% of employers looking at your online profile (e.g. LinkedIn) as part of the recruitment process. Having an up-to-scratch personal online brand has never been more important! One of our most popular modules of the Digital Retox looks at how to create a killer personal online brand so you can showcase your skills to the full and hustle for the roles, and pay, you deserve.
  • Email is dead: According to Forbes, the move from closed email conversations to communication in channels is going to become the norm in the next ten years or so. Experience what this new breed of communication tools looks like by putting one of the most widely used, Slack, into practice during the course to complete challenges remotely.
  • Video is King: Video views are growing exponentially and this trend isn’t bypassing the workplace. If you’re still dealing with newsletters or PowerPoints at work then you need to learn how video communication is revolutionising modern workplaces. We’ll introduce you to new technology that will aid engagement and bring to life presentations.
  • Data literacy: According to a recent PwC study, 69% of employers will demand data science and analytics skills from job candidates by the year 2021. In the Full version of our Digital Retox, you’ll join forces with your course colleagues to work on a research project, where you’ll analyse and visualise data to deliver a final report, which can then be showcased on your LinkedIn profile. Skills that all businesses are crying out for!
Digital Mums Future-proof your career with Digital Retox - our next-generation digital skills building course

What do our graduates think?

According to our January pilot students, 80% say they’ve developed their digital skills set since taking part in Digital Retox, 8 in 10 feel more digitally confident, and 73% feel more confident overall. Here’s what some of them had to say...

Alex Chell lives in East London with her two-year-old son. She works full time at a global tech company.

“Digital Retox has taught me way more than I expected and given me tangible skills and tools that are changing the way I, and my organisation, work.”

Victoria Wotherspoon lives in Switzerland with her two young daughters. She’s currently on a career break from teaching.

“Since completing the Digital Retox, I’ve become a lot more confident about using digital work tools such as Slack and Trello and about my own abilities to learn again and take on something new. It’s given me the confidence to say; ‘Yes, I can do that!’”

Denise Harman lives in London with her husband and five-year-old twins. She recently returned to a part-time role after a five year career break

“Just getting to grips, quickly, with new technology is a real boost for someone who’s been out of the workplace for a while. My digital knowledge has now been given a complete overhaul and it’s really boosted my self-esteem.”

Kate Brewin lives near Cambridge with her husband and eight-year-old daughter. She runs her own social media agency, Saffron Social:

“Digital Retox has had a hugely positive impact on my digital knowledge and I’m applying everything I’m learning directly to my work. It’s been a total life changer for me."

If you want to future-proof your career, you can sign up here to secure your place on our next Digital Retox cohort starting on the 17 September. We’re currently offering an early-bird discount of 20% off the full price of the Digital Retox, so it’s worth getting in quick!

Digital Mums Time to invest in you with our new-look Digital Retox course

Time to invest in you with our new-look Digital Retox course

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