Digital Mums We're Giving The Gift of #WorkThatWorks

We're Giving The Gift of #WorkThatWorks

We live and breathe #WorkThatWorks here at Digital Mums.  And 2016 has been quite a year for spreading the #WorkThatWorks love. Just as we thought, we’re not alone in wanting a cultural change to the way we work in Britain, with the launch of our inaugural #WorkThatWorks week seeing hundreds of you joining our Movementand agreeing that the bums on seats, 9-5 life belongs to another era. From mums to big businesses and politicians, there are now so many of us that support the idea that flexible working should be the norm, not some privilege ‘perk’ for the lucky few. 

Our ultimate Christmas wish would be to wave a magic wand and have Santa deliver every single mum an awesome #WorkThatWorks life.  Here at Digital Mums we are beyond passionate about achieving our ultimate vision; all mums having the perfect work/life balance.  And we’re working very hard on that we assure you but since we’re not miracle workers we thought we would give one of you a very special Christmas #WorkThatWorks gift in the mean time.  To celebrate an incredible 2016 we are offering one mum a place on our Social Media Management Course [cost £1500 plus VAT].  And the best bit?  #WorkThatWorks is not just for Christmas, it’s for life!

To enter all you need to do is head on over to either Instagram or Facebook and comment on our post saying exactly why #WorkThatWorks matters to you, and how this gift would make a difference to your 2017.  

There are now nearly 500 Digital Mums and each and every one has an amazing story to tell about how #WorkThatWorks is changing lives for the better.  You can check out two of them below for inspiration as to you own work life can change as a result of doing the Social Media Management Course. And as for Digital Mums in 2017, watch this space for the next exciting steps in the #WorkThatWorks Movement.  

Digital Mums We're Giving The Gift of #WorkThatWorks
Digital Mum Penny with her daughter

Abby’s Story - “Flexible working has become a reality”

Abby Shacklock, 40, has three boys Leo, 8, Stanley, 6 and Teddy, 5 and is from Southampton

“My background is in financial services but I took a five year career break when the boys were tiny.  When I did start looking for work again the minute I asked about flexibility things would go quiet.  So I went for a total career change and did the Social Media Management Course as a way of finding my version of #WorkThatWorks. As part of the training I ran a social media campaign in my local area and it really helped me to build up my profile locally and has helped me to find some brilliant freelance social media work.  

I have recently secured several contracts with local companies running their social media.  One of my favourites is working with a local artist to promote her hugely successful project #700women - an initiative to ensure women are appropriately recorded in our city's history books.

I have also started working as a community manager for a large parenting network and I'm pulling together proposals to support the promotion of a large, family event.

All this work is inspiring, motivating, bill-paying and allows me to take part in family life in a way that suits me.  In the last six months I’ve learned flexible, fulfilling work is not just a possibility, but a reality. I’m happy. I’m Confident. I am a Digital Mum.”

Digital Mums We're Giving The Gift of #WorkThatWorks
Abby and her three boys

Emma’s Story - “I’m proof a career on your own terms is possible”

Emma Van Heusen, 44, is mum to Frank, five, and from Bristol

“I have 20 years of marketing experience working in agencies.  After Frank was born I got a great job working three days a week as a marketing director for a company who live streamed concerts. It was hugely exciting but very demanding - the two hour commute alone took its toll on family life. So reluctantly I handed in my notice - it just wasn’t practical if I wanted any kind of work/life balance.  I looked around for other work and realised, particularly in agency life, everybody was so young -  women of my age seemed to just fade away into oblivion.  

I wanted to work but I needed to be there for Frank too.  So I did the Social Media Management Course to upskill in social media and have really relevant digital skills that I could bring to a new, hopefully family friendly, role.  

And it worked; since graduating I’ve landed an amazing part time flexible role as Marketing Manager with This Mum Runs, a community that encourages more mums to get out running.  The course gave me the confidence to go for the role as social media is a big part of it.  The Course really taught me that it is possible to have a career on my terms. I met so many Digital Mums just like me and it showed me there is definitely still a place for us in the workforce – just maybe not tied to the office desk in quite the same way.”

The Gift of #WorkThatWorks Competition opens on Monday December 12th and closes on Monday December 19th. Digital Mums selects the winner which will be announced on Facebook and Instagram on Thursday December 22nd.  Make sure you read the terms and conditions and good luck!


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