Digital Mums "I was petrified on the first day of the course but I needn't have worried"

"I was petrified on the first day of the course but I needn't have worried"

Dana Bradley, is a children's swimming instructor and lives with her husband and two children aged 8 and 10. She went from feeling physically sick at the thought of learning to being a passionate learner in just a few weeks thanks to a free space on our Future Skills course. She's already feeling more confident about the future. Read on to hear more about her journey and to find out if you qualify for a free space on this course worth £499.

Dana Bradley was so nervous on the first day of the Digital Mums Bootcamp course she felt sick.

“I was petrified and felt physically sick on my first day, thinking ‘what have I done?’ explains Dana.

Mother-of-two Dana, 45, had retrained to become a children’s swimming teacher and it had been years since she had been in an office.

“I had been looking at Digital Mums courses for a couple of years but I wasn’t quite sure if it was for me, explains Dana.

“Because of the field I was in and because I had been out of the office for a while I worried whether I would be able to cope with the level of it.

“But then lockdown happened and I couldn’t teach swimming and decided now was a good time as any to go for it.”

Any fears and doubts that Dana had disappeared when she met her peer group – a group of fellow students and mums that work together to complete a project on the course.

“I had a really amazing, supportive peer group, they were awesome and that made a massive difference.” said Dana.

“To me, when you think about online courses, you don’t think of any real interaction with people. I didn’t realise there would be so much human contact which was great.”

Dana was also surprised to learn that she could find the time to study – although learning during a pandemic did present some challenges.

“I always thought I’d be too busy or tired to study but I surprised myself that I was able to do it. I got great self-satisfaction from it. The weekly live lessons meant I really made the time and the kids were really good and they knew on Monday nights I shut down and was studying.

“But I did find it a bit tricky fitting the extra work around homeschooling as mine didn’t go back to school at all during lockdown.

“I’m sure it would be a walk in the park if you weren’t doing the course in the middle of a pandemic!”

Dana is now looking forward to starting the Foundation in Social Media Marketing course with Digital Mums in October.

“I’ve actually now signed up to do the course in October as it’s a format I’ve found really accessible and hopefully I will have more time to study with the kids at school, explains Dana.

“I feel more confident to move in the direction I want to go and I would encourage anyone thinking about doing the course to 100% go for it.

“It’s such a supportive and informative course for someone feeling out of the loop. I’m so glad I made the leap.”

If you are a mother living in England, do NOT hold a University Degree and are either employed or have recently become unemployed (in the last few months) you could qualify for a free space on our Future Skills Bootcamp which usually costs £499. Find out more about the course and register your interest here. Our next intake is in January 2021. You can also watch the video below to find out more about what it involves.

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