Digital Mums We're hosting industry-specific webinars this week

We're hosting industry-specific webinars this week

We’ve had over 450 amazing women complete our training to date, with 500 more currently on their journey to finding Work That Works.  While these women come from many different backgrounds and bring a huge range of different skills and experience to their training and to their cohort, we do find that mums with certain professional backgrounds crop up again and again.  

This is either because social media is the perfect digital upskill to their current experience (think traditional PR) or because it’s the perfect addition to their current freelance offer (think small business marketing consultants or virtual assistants), or because their skills and experience are so transferable to social media (think journalists and marketers for example).

With this in mind, we put together a series of Q&A style webinars specially for mums from certain professional backgrounds to give them the opportunity to hear from a grad with the same background who has done our training and is now putting it to use in the working world.

On 18th May we heard from Louisa Pritchard, the former features director of Grazia and all round super-star journalist, who graduated last year from our Associate Programme.  Louisa shared her experience of upskilling with Digital Mums and how it has helped her career, and answered a range of questions from finding clients, to questions on job security and how she finds social media clients complement her journalism work. You can watch the webinar below.

We'll be hosting more webinars over the next few days for more specific industries. Tomorrow (Tuesday May 23rd) at 8:30pm we'll be hosting a webinar with Jo Calam, who developed, commissioned and executive produced television drama before retraining as a social media manager with us in 2016. She now runs a consultancy helping career changers reposition themselves on social, and is a social media manager for emerging businesses. If you have a TV background and want to hear how she made the move into social media then you can go here to register.

Then this Wednesday May 24th at 8:30pm we'll be running one specifically for PRs. Our guest is Karen Allen, a freelance PR consultant with over 15 years experience in the industry. She retrained with us over the last year and now combines her PR work with social media, working as a Social Media Manager for Octopus Energy. You can register here to join the webinar and hear about her work life since completing our training.

Our final one of this series will be for the Advertising industry, which will be happening on Thursday 25th at 8:30pm. We have Christina Clarke joining us who started work in digital advertising back in 2001 and took a career break in 2010 when her daughter was born. In 2016, Christina started the Digital Mums course and she is now running her own business as a freelance Social Media Manager. You can go here to register.

Think we need to run a webinar with your professional background in mind?  Let us know! 

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