Digital Mums Introducing our new training course: Foundation in Social Media Marketing

Introducing our new training course: Foundation in Social Media Marketing

Digital Mums have become renowned for our innovative vocational training courses. These are a unique learning experience - vocational courses retraining women in a cutting-edge digital career, that are delivered 100% online.

However, we have been vocal about some conflicting challenges we have had with regards to our vocational courses recently. Read this blog to find out more or see the below points for a quick summary.

  1. Our vocational courses are exclusive as we can only take a small number of students each year. They are incredibly complex and involve many moving parts. This means we can’t train as many women as we would like. Immediately we have reduced the potential pool of mothers that we might otherwise support. When we first set up Digital Mums our ambitious mission was to transform the lives of millions of working mums. This won’t happen via our vocational courses alone.
  2. When we conducted research into the barriers to learning for mothers, we discovered that the top barrier is finding the time. Our vocational training courses require 15-20 hours per week of study. Many mothers don’t feel like they have more than 2-3 hours per week to devote to learning.
  3. We know that the cost of our vocational training courses puts the learning opportunity beyond the budget of many families. Nikki and I can relate to this only too well. We grew up in white, working-class communities, watching our mothers graft hard, cleaning other people’s floors to put food on their tables. But quality, vocational training can’t be provided on a budget. Our vocational courses stack up amazingly well on value for money when you compare them to similar courses that retrain students to become a Teacher, Programmer or Designer. But for many women, they are out of reach.

So we are excited to launch our first ever non-vocational social media marketing training course: Foundation in Social Media Marketing. Even though this isn’t vocational, it shares many similarities. If you sign up, you’ll get:

The same engaging lessons. Our lessons come in a variety of accessible formats, podcasts, infographics, interactive lessons, bite-sized video tutorials, and downloadable guides to take away and keep. They make it easy to fit the learning in. This course contains 65 great lessons (please note, however, that our vocational training courses are 15-20 hours a week for 6 months and contain over 200 lessons so here you will get around a third of the learning resources to reflect the fact it’s a shorter course).

The same live learning experiences. We run live lessons hosted by experts, that are interactive, so you can ask us questions in real time and we can test your understanding through polls and quizzes. On this course, you will get a 60-minute live lesson once a week.

The same great team of learning and development experts. I worked for an education think tank bringing innovative learning models to the UK. Here I worked alongside the top education consultants in the world and this insight has informed our overall learning model. Top Instructional Designer experts have informed the design and experience of our learning resources, including Verity Hurd previously Learning & Development Advisor at House of Fraser.

The same great team of social media experts. Our experts have all been trained by us, with 350 hours of comprehensive social media training behind them and have all been practicing social media managers. They are on hand to answer any of your social media questions. The content has been developed with social media experts from our amazing graduate community including Helen Bainbridge, previously in communications and marketing at Land Rover, now Social Media Strategist.

The same great support. Our team has supported 2,000 other students just like you to learn in a nurturing and inclusive environment. They have also been trained in Mental Health First Aid.


While lots of things are the same it’s important to note that there is a key and important difference between this new course and our existing social media courses.

This course is not vocational. Vocational courses retrain people in a completely new career. This means that when studying a vocational course you actually do the job you are learning to do in a safe environment, in this case, a Social Media Marketer. To prepare you to graduate with everything you need to know to start earning from your new career you get regular 1:1 feedback and competency-based assessments that assess whether you can do or can’t do important components of that role as your progress.

Because this course is not vocational you will not do the job within the study period and you will not receive 1:1 feedback on your work as a Social Media Marketer and you will not study within a competency-based assessment framework. While your knowledge and understanding of the content will be assessed through quizzes, you won't submit graded assignments. And while you can ask our experts any question you might have on the course content, you won’t receive 1:1 feedback on social media platform activity that you might be doing while learning with us.

With this newly launched course added to our portfolio, we have decided to rebrand our flagship vocational training products, to better communicate the breadth and depth of these products, as well as to give greater clarity across our range of courses.

The Associate Programme in Strategic Social Media Marketing has been renamed the Advanced Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing. You can read more about this rebrand here.

Digital Mums is a purpose-driven business. Everything we do is designed to deliver social impact for our staff, our customers and their families. In addition to this, 10% of all our profits go to training low-income mums via our bursary fund (applications are currently closed). We hope that this new course will help us get closer to our mission of supporting millions of mothers to find the rewarding career they deserve.

If you'd like to find out more about our Foundation in Social Media Marketing then you can read more here or you can sign up to our waiting list for our next cohort in September.

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