Digital Mums Love is Blooming at Digital Mums

Love is Blooming at Digital Mums

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day (and life!) isn’t what it used to be. Instead of romantic date nights you’re more likely to be curled up on the sofa half watching kids TV and enjoying an M&S £20 'Dine in for Two' once the kids are in bed.

So, with love decidedly lacking in the air and kids TV decidedly looming ever large, we asked our in-the-know #DMCollective which children’s TV personality would be top of their Valentine’s wish list. Be prepared for some interesting results!

Topping the #guiltymumcrush TV totty league was everyone’s favourite gardener, Mr Bloom, pulling (geddit?) almost a quarter (23%) of the female votes. Gardening gloves didn’t do it for everyone though. The top spot was hotly contested by Steve ‘Deadly 60’ Backsall and Dr Ranj from hit show ‘Get Well Soon’ who got our mums’ hearts racing in equal amounts (21% each to be precise).

Digital Mums Love is Blooming at Digital Mums
Dr Ranj

There was a bit of public outcry that everyone’s favourite bedtime storyteller, Tom Hardy, didn’t make the list, but let’s face it he’s hardly a #guiltymumcrush. We’d wear a sandwich board declaring our love for him.

Perhaps the most surprising revelation though was that Wise Old Elf (he of Ben and Holly fame) proved a more attractive Valentine’s treat than his real-life, younger contemporaries Mr Maker, Ben Cajee and Topsy and Tim’s Dad. 

Digital Mums Love is Blooming at Digital Mums
Wise Old Elf

Brains over beauty? Who knows, but let us know if you agree with our wise old Collective’s crushes. And who have they missed?

Digital Mums Love is Blooming at Digital Mums
Andy Day

Top (Kids) TV Totty - as voted for by our Digital Mums

  1. Ben Faulks (Mr Bloom)

  2. Doctor Ranj (Get Well Soon)

  3. Steve Backshall (Deadly 60)

  4. Andy Day (Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures)

  5. Wise Old Elf

  6. Justin Fletcher (Mr Tumble)

  7. Chris Hannon (Topsy and Tim’s Dad)

  8. Phil Gallagher (Mr Maker)

  9. Ben Cajee (CBeebies presenter)

  10. Gemma Hunt (Swashbuckle)

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