Digital Mums Make learning manageable with our range of not-for-profit short courses

Make learning manageable with our range of not-for-profit short courses

Sadly we are seeing our community struggle at the moment. Many members of our community of freelancers are losing clients and those employed are handling the stress and uncertainty of being furloughed or even worse - being made redundant as business owners react to the extreme challenges they face.

With no end to lockdown in sight and no exit strategy announced it’s still unclear how long this will last. Sadly, recent warnings suggest that a prolonged lockdown could result in over 6 million people in the UK losing their jobs.

With less work available it stands to reason there will be more competition for roles. So being on top of your professional development and skills is more important than ever.

However, our recent Locked Out Of Learning research highlights the struggles mothers face accessing learning opportunities with cost, time and headspace the biggest barriers. And at the moment mothers are even more stretched in these areas than normal. Home-schooling and having everyone at home 24/7 is reducing the already limited time they have available to invest in themselves. Being able to consider learning opportunities right now may seem impossible.

So while it’s clear that online training is crucial it mat seem out of reach to many.

To try and support our community to upskill in a way that overcomes these barriers we are launching some not-for-profit short courses that require just 1-2 hours of learning each week. They have a fixed hour masterclass with an expert each week and we’ll suggest some optional reading and a simple weekly challenge for those that can spare a bit more time.

First up we have a series of short courses building supplementary skills important around social media marketing. Each weekly masterclass takes place on the Thursday evening at 8pm and is recorded and shared afterwards. We will be announcing more throughout the year.

Designing Effective Facebook Advertising Campaigns

Pre-Sale Price £69.99

Start date | 18th May

Each week we will share curated content links and a live Masterclass to take your Facebook advertising knowledge to the next level so you can understand how to run a campaign from start to finish, including choosing the right objective, building a funnel, designing an ad that works and tracking the performance.

Week 1 | Designing Your Campaign

Week 2 | Building An Ad Funnel

Week 3 | The Anatomy of a High Performing Ad

Week 4 | Analysing Campaign Performance and Benchmarking Success

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Google Analytics for Social Media Marketers

Pre-Sale Price £49.99

Start date | 15th June

Each week we will share curated content links and run a live Masterclasses to help you understand how to use Google Analytics to track website traffic and conversions and ultimately understand the return on investment from your social media marketing efforts.

Week 1 | Understanding the Google Analytics Interface

Week 2 | Using Google Analytics to Track Social Success

Week 3 | Setting Goals to Track RoI

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Creating Visual Content for Social Media

Pre-Sale Price £69.99 | Full Price £119.99

Start date | 6th July

Each week we will provide optional lessons and weekly challenges to create content in the form of photographs, graphics, animations and videos. We will also run live Masterclasses where we will critique and provide feedback for submitted work. Please note we will be using Canva to set challenges throughout this short course.

Week 1 | Working with Photos

Week 2 | Creating Professional Graphics

Week 3 | Developing Simple Animations

Week 4 | Producing Videos

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Our Bundle Offer

You can buy all three for a special bundle price of £149.99 here. This is amazing value to access 11 weeks of learning, working out less than £15 a week to upskill in these in-demand areas.

Can’t afford these? Don’t forget we also have free masterclasses and free short courses available check out this blog to learn more or visit our Academy to enrol on free short courses.

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