Digital Mums New look, new name, new price

New look, new name, new price

We have been busy developing our Associate Programme over the last few months, and we’re excited that we’ve made some changes that we feel will improve the overall learning experience.

We’ve also launched a brand new short course in social media that allows people to learn the basics of social media marketing in 2-3 hours a week, for 10 weeks. Our new “Foundation in Social Media Marketing” starts in April (to find out more read this blog).

New name

Because we’ve made some changes, and because we’ve added to our portfolio of social media courses we have decided to rebrand our vocational training courses in social media marketing to better communicate the difference between products in our suite. We hope this will provide clarity for our customers.

  1. Our Associate Programme in Social Media Marketing has been renamed the Advanced Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing.
  2. Our Social Media Management Course has been renamed the Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing. Please note that admissions for this course are closed.

Admissions for our Advanced Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing are currently open and we thought we would take this opportunity to tell you why it’s so great.

A unique learning experience. No other training course sees you learn 100% remotely with a digital work placement to gain actual work experience. We are completely unique in what we offer. This digital work placement is the key vehicle for gaining those job-ready skills that mean you can start earning as soon as you graduate.

This course is vocational. Vocational courses retrain people in a completely new career. This means that when studying a vocational course you actually do the job you are learning to do in a safe environment, in this case, a Social Media Marketer. To prepare you to graduate with everything you need to know to start earning from your new career you get regular 1:1 feedback and competency-based assessments that assess whether you can do or can’t do important components of that role as your progress. With our new Foundation in Social Media Marketing course added to our portfolio of products this was the perfect opportunity to rebrand our flagship vocational training products, to better communicate the breadth and depth of these products, as well as to give greater clarity across our range of courses.

Over 200 engaging lessons. Our lessons come in a variety of accessible formats, podcasts, infographics, interactive lessons, bite-sized video tutorials, detailed walk-through videos and downloadable guides to take away and keep. They make it manageable to fit the lessons in around your life.

Over 350 hours of learning. Our Advanced Diploma builds a comprehensive skill set in strategic social media marketing that can be applied to any sized business.

Key 21st-century skills. In January 2019 LinkedIn wrote a blog on the skills most in-demand in the labour market today. From soft skills like remote collaboration, and creativity, to persuasion and adaptability and hard skills around data proficiency and analytical reasoning our Advanced Diploma builds skills of the future way beyond those required for social media marketing.

Live learning experiences. We run live lessons in virtual classrooms, so you can ask us questions in real time and we can test your understanding through polls and quizzes.

Designed by learning and development experts. Our Co-Founder Kathryn worked for an education think tank bringing innovative learning models to the UK. Here she worked alongside the top education consultants in the world and this insight has informed the design of our learning model, which is why it feels so different to what else is on offer. Top Instructional Designer experts have informed the design and experience of our learning resources, including Verity Hurd previously Learning & Development Advisor at House of Fraser. Read more about our learning model here.

Learn with others. Because we have worked alongside global education experts we know that the best schools in the world are using peer to peer learning to transform the learning experience of the student. At Digital Mums we have an innovative, structured peer learning framework that sees you embed your learning in small groups. This has the added benefit of providing a support group and many students say this is one of the biggest advantages of studying with us.

A team of social media experts. Our experts have been trained by us, with 350 hours of comprehensive social media training behind them and have all been practicing social media managers. They are on hand to answer any of your social media questions. The content has been developed with social media experts from our amazing graduate community including Helen Bainbridge, previously in communications and marketing at Land Rover, now Social Media Strategist and Emma Van Heusen, one of our graduates who is now a renowned expert in Social Advertising.

Amazing support. Our team has supported 2,000 other students just like you to learn in a nurturing and inclusive environment. They have also been trained in Mental Health First Aid so can support you through any difficulties or challenges you might have while learning with us.

Results. 95% of our students graduate and 92% of our graduates find work. From setting up boutique agencies, running training workshops, becoming strategic consultants or managing social media platforms for clients our graduates go on to do a range of different things but there is one clear theme - they are able to work flexibly on their own terms.

New price

From September 2019 our new look Advanced Diploma in Strategic Social Media Marketing, formerly the Associate Programme, will go up in price from £3,000 to £3,600 inclusive of VAT. Read on to find out why we’ve made this change.

  1. Rising costs

Over the past four years, we’ve invested heavily in improving the curriculum, improving the learning resources and improving the overall student experience. This means we now have a bigger staff team and more sophisticated software required to develop and deliver the training. This means our costs have increased.

Over the last four years, we’ve also seen all costs increase across the board due to inflationary pressures, increasing our software costs, rent, rates and individual salary costs.

All this time the price of the Associate Programme has stayed the same and with an increase in cost must come an increase in fees. It’s a simple business equation.

2. Reducing business risk

We have previously written about how vocational training can’t be delivered on a budget. A training course designed to get people job-ready in a new career and that sees students work with a real digital placement is incredibly complex. And complexity increases further still when you’re training people in a cutting-edge digital space where things are constantly changing because the learning design and lesson content need to be constantly updated.

We’ve been keeping the fees for our vocational training courses as low as possible to make them as affordable as possible but we’ve actually been keeping them too low. We are coming to the end of our 2018/19 financial year and have analysed our year-end position. Not only is our Associate Programme not making a business profit it actually came in at a loss. This means it cost us more to market, design, develop and deliver the course than we charged in fees. This does not make us a sustainable business.

Now that we have a more affordable, shorter social media course it’s time to increase the fee to include a business profit. No business profit means a company is extremely vulnerable. You only have to read the paper to see that companies are going out of business every day. It’s fight or flight in the business world at the moment and we’re fighters because we’re fighting to support mothers to find the rewarding careers they want and deserve.

How this fee will be spent

We love Buffer and hugely admire their transparency around costing. They recently released a blog that broke down in detail how their software fees were spent so their customers could see exactly what happens to the $10 they spend on the subscription fee each month. Inspired by this blog, we’ve crafted a similar outline of exactly where the £3,600 in course fees go.

The breakdown

Digital Mums New look, new name, new price

VAT and Stripe fees | £600 of your course fee goes to the Government, which we hope they are spending on improving public services and not on selling arms overseas. And the software company we use to process your fee also takes a cut which works out to be around £90.

Culture | Being an ethical company and caring about our culture costs uses up £225 of your course fee. This might sound like a lot but it includes things like a very generous holiday allowance and maternity policy, money for team meetups, paying for staff learning and development opportunities and having a nice office for our team to work together when needed. We never, ever have unpaid interns and always pay at least London Living Wage. And this budget also allows us to have a radical flexible working culture. Whilst it does deliver business benefits it also costs us a little extra.

Tech & Ops | Being a digital-first company, and delivering cutting-edge training means that £225 of your course fee is spent on various software. Some are used to host the learning content, Vimeo for video and Spreaker for audio, for example. Some are used to create the learning content, from Articulate a clever interactive learning design package to Touchcast, an interactive video tool. We have a Learning Management System that houses all the training courses. Our besties like Trello our favourite tool ever and Slack which replaces email and enables our remote team members to feel connected. Ops also covers our core operational staff like our CoFounders and our finance team.

Admissions | £150 of your course fee pays for our lovely admissions team to handle all the queries we get from potential students. Our admissions team speak to lots of mothers every day to make sure that we’re the right fit for them.

Marketing | £350 of your course fees pays for our marketing team and marketing costs. As you can imagine a significant amount of this is spent on our social media marketing but it also covers our content marketing, email marketing and brochures.

Training team | £1,410 of your course fee goes on the team of learning experts to oversee the quality of delivery, the social media experts who support you on your journey, the learning and subject experts who create the learning resources/lessons each year and the administrative and operational staff who onboard you, book in your individual sessions, and generally support your journey and who update the Learning Management System with all the fresh content. You might be surprised to learn that less than half of your course fee is actually spent on the team of people that will deliver and develop the training itself. A company has so many other costs over and above those directly associated with the product or service, all the things we’ve mentioned so far.

Campaigns | £50 of your course fee is spent on our campaigning work. Our campaigns are part of our social mission to reduce maternal unemployment. In the last 5 years, we have raised the issue of the benefits of flexible working and have invested in new research to achieve coverage to get this issue on the map.

Profit & Bursary | As outlined above it’s crucial to make a business profit. This provides solid cashflow and a buffer against any blips in the road and crucially this would allow us to invest in future products. And 10% of all of our profits go to our bursary fund. Because we haven’t made any profit for the last 2 years we haven’t been able to use our bursary fund to support low-income mums like Laura Davies, to complete our vocational training. This is so important to us and something we’re passionate about because our CoFounders come from low-income families. Currently our bursary fund is closed for applications.

If you’d like to study our new look, newly named, Advanced Diploma, you can lock in the current price if you apply now and join one of our April, May or June cohorts. From September the increased fee will kick in.

Please note, that you will need some experience in the following industries to be accepted: marketing; communications; public relations; journalism; television/broadcast media; advertising; business development.

Get in touch to find out more - admissions are now open for our April intake.

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