Digital Mums Our alumni have gone on to work with some of the biggest brands in world

Our alumni have gone on to work with some of the biggest brands in world

All students on our vocational social media courses are taught a social media strategic process that can be applied to any organisation once they are working in the industry. This means they have the skills and knowledge to handle the social media marketing for any brand, no matter what they do.

We followed up with our alumnae 6 years on to find out more about the wide variety of brands that our alumni members have worked with since becoming social media experts.

We were blown away by the breadth of their expertise and that, we have actually engaged with some of them without realising it. In fact, if you tend to contact brands via social media you’ve probably interacted with them too.

Read on to find out for yourself (because many have worked with these brands via agencies we haven’t mentioned names as many have to sign NDAs as part of their contracts.)

The Arts

Our alumni have supported many organisations in the arts including the BAFTA Film Awards, The Royal Society of the Arts, the Budapest Festival Orchestra, the Royal Academy and the British Museum.


Many of our alumni have either directly, or indirectly via agencies, supported various software/technology companies, from Adobe, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google to Fujitsu and Epson.


Our alumnae have supported education brands from the University of the Arts London to Pearson.


Our alumnae are a natural fit for brands targeting parents and children. Our alumni have worked or are currently working for Microscooters, CBeebies Andy Day and Mattel’s brands Fireman Sam and Barbie to name a few.

Food & Drink

You may well have engaged with our alumnae if you’ve ever chatted to the following food brands online; Marmite; Hellmann’s; Knorr; Maille; Bovril; Colman’s; PG Tips; Danone and Coca-Cola.


Our alumnae have worked with some of the top broadcast and media brands from the BBC and Disney, to ITV Studios.


One of our alumni members was the talented voice behind the Green Party’s social media campaigning for the General Election in 2019 which might have been why they had the most professionally, authentic and ethical campaigning voice of the Election (in our opinion anyway).

Phew we're exhausted just thinking about the amazing work they have been doing to transform the social media marketing efforts of some of the most recognisable brands in the world.

This blog is part of a series showcasing the quality of our alumni pool. You can hire many of them via our exclusive partnership with That Works For Me here.
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