Digital Mums Our Digital Mums Diary

Our Digital Mums Diary

When lolly makers, Claudi & Fin, needed some extra support with their social media, they turned to Digital Mums. Co-founder Meriel Kehoe shares their journey.

March 2015

An email has landed in our inbox from Digital Mums offering us a trainee social media manager for £300 for five months. The timing is perfect. My co-founder, Lucy Woodhouse and I have worked incredibly hard to reach over 10,000 followers on social media but we need help. Ever since we landed a deal to supply Sainsbury’s our business has grown so fast we just don’t have enough time. The result is our social media is often done at the eleventh hour. The Partner Programme looks exactly what we need: a trainee with a marketing background who will look at our whole strategy. She’ll also design a specific campaign for two of our platforms

May 2015

We’ve been introduced via Skype to our Digital Mum, Rebecca Scott, and we’re really impressed. Her background is in innovation management, which is a good fit. Rebecca has already conducted a full analysis of our social media platforms. She is also helping us further establish exactly who our target audience is by writing user personas. These are incredibly well-researched and detailed customer profiles. They cover everything from potential hobbies to the types of places our customers might go on holiday. Both Lucy and I are passionate about flexible working, so a major attraction of the Programme is to enable another working mum to find a career more compatible with family life.

Digital Mums Our Digital Mums Diary

June 2015

Rebecca has designed a campaign for us to go out on Twitter and Facebook. As well as sharing lots of relevant content, we’re also planning to run two competitions. One will celebrate children’s favourite foods and the other is about proud moments parents have for their children. Rebecca has put a great deal of thought into these, with a message that is just right for our target audience. It definitely helps she is a mum with the same ideals as our customers. We use our weekly strategy call to tweak the campaign, but she has also got great support from the Digital Mums community brainstorming ideas and getting feedback.

July 2015

Rebecca started the month by testing different types of content on our platforms. The Digital Mums approach is simple; use the analytics to see if it works. If it does, do more and if not, try something else. We like the flexibility of nothing set in stone. Rebecca has clearly analysed the data very carefully and comes back with considered content suggestions. Towards the end of the month we also kick off our first competition - so many Mums are already sharing favourite foods. There has been a real increase in activity on both platforms.

August 2015

It’s almost hard to believe that we’ve never actually met Rebecca as we’ve forged a great relationship. We feel we know her home office in the loft really well via Skype! This month we pitched to be stocked in Tesco and we like to think our social media support had a bearing on our success. We shared with our followers that we were going in for the meeting and they sent us such supportive posts back. We included these in our pitch and Tesco seemed really impressed. Either way we got the gig!

Digital Mums Our Digital Mums Diary

September 2015

Our own children Claudi and Fin started school this month so we’ve both been feeling a bit wobbly. We’ve also been overwhelmed by the responses we’ve had to Rebecca’s second competition. We asked parents what their children do to make them proud. The emotional response it has elicited has been incredibly touching. From eating their greens to simple acts of kindness and overcoming illness; we’ve had hundreds of responses. We’re lucky to have such a brilliant customer base that engages and shares with us.

October 2015

Rebecca has presented us with her final report and we’ve seen some huge gains made since we started our journey. On Twitter we’ve doubled the number of followers as well as a massive increase in impressions and engagement. It’s a similar story on Facebook. As we are a seasonal product we’ll be slightly scaling back our social media activity over the winter months. But then we’ve got some really exciting plans for when we launch in Tesco in spring 2016. Watch this space!"

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