Digital Mums Our new partnership with That Works For Me

Our new partnership with That Works For Me

At Digital Mums we have always had a bit of a challenge helping brands connect to our amazing alumni. They are very much in demand due to their excellent training (thanks to us) but also their overall talent, experience, hard work and professionalism (we can’t take credit for that part!).

We are first and foremost a training company but we got regular requests from brands wanting to hire our alumni. So we explored trying to set up a team to manage a recruitment arm to support brands to find their perfect social media freelancer but this proved too challenging. We also explored whether we could run an online marketplace to do this work less intensively but it turns out this is a whole business in and of itself. And we already had our hands, arms and laps full with one business already!

So the natural thing for us to do was to partner with an existing company. But we could never find the right fit for us. Generic recruitment companies rarely offered any kind of flexibility in their roles - too narrow-minded. Flexible recruitment companies targeting roles for busy parents focused primarily on placing people into part-time in-house roles and our alumni want to freelance - too restrictive. Online marketplaces connecting brands to freelancers tended to focus on full-on, full-time freelance projects and roles that wouldn’t work for busy parents - too intense. It was a bit of a goldilocks situation - we hadn’t found someone that was just right.

Until now.

Just before Christmas last year we got an interesting Facebook message from someone called Jess that seemed to have the perfect solution. Jess had set up an online marketplace That Works For Me to match brands to flexible freelancers who also happened to be parents. Her entire mission was to support parents to get back into the workplaces in flexible roles. Sound familiar? There was so much synergy between Jess’s mission and ours that she had wanted to call her platform Work That Works. If you think that name sounds familiar then you’re right - it’s already in use by us! Sorry, Jess. But the silver lining was that this got us onto Jess’s radar which is how she ended up getting in touch. Serendipitous.

So we met Jess for brunch to find out more and had a right old laugh. We realised that our missions, our brands and our personalities were aligned! SO our new That Works For Me - Digital Mums partnership was born.

Because our alumni are renowned for being high-quality social media professionals we get hiring requests every week. So we are delighted that we are now in a position to connect them to our community of social media freelancers easily and quickly via That Works For Me.

Our partnership officially starts on Monday but you can expect to see lots of our amazing Digital Mums registered on That Works For Me. You can also expect a flurry of businesses registering and looking for social media and other roles. It’s a win for everyone!

If you’re looking to employ a Digital Mum, visit That Works For Me and search Digital Mum or Social Media to see all of the graduates’ fantastic profiles. If you have any questions contact Jess or Nic at please-reply@thatworksforme.co.uk

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