Digital Mums Reboot your digital skills with our brand new training course

Reboot your digital skills with our brand new training course

Here at Digital Mums, we’re all about helping women get back into rewarding work. We know from our vocational training graduates that one of the biggest blockers for women returning to work is confidence.

Kathryn and I created Digital Retox in response to conversations with mums who told us they felt like the digital revolution was passing them by, both inside and outside the workplace. Our aim with Digital Retox is to demystify digital and empower women with the confidence to return to the workplace or refresh their current skill set so they can make positive changes in their current role. And because training only takes 3 hours a week, it’s ideal to do alongside work or parenting commitments.

You can hear more from a couple of our students about their experiences on the Digital Retox below:

Digital Mums Reboot your digital skills with our brand new training course

From Digital Dinosaur to Digital Dudette*

(*Denise’s words, not ours!)

Denise Harman lives in Wandsworth, South West London, with her husband and five year-old twin girls. Previously a management consultant, Denise took five years out to look after her children, until returning to work as a part time Marketing Administrator with a small London Boutique agency in December.

“Before I started Digital Retox, I would have described myself as having low confidence in my skills generally, totally lacking any digital awareness and a bit of a nervous numpty with technology. Uber and WhatsApp were as Digital as I got! I liked the look of the course objectives and the fact there was a mix of learning about the bigger picture - digital trends, efficiency and productivity in the workplace - as well as great content for me, like building my personal brand, understanding my learning styles and personal productivity.

I haven’t regretted it for a single moment. My digital knowledge has been given a complete overhaul and I feel totally able to conduct conversations with people “in the know” about this brave new world. There is a lot of information to assimilate, but the course is brilliantly structured to accommodate all sorts of learning styles so it's a mixture of reading, watching, listening and doing. It's sufficiently challenging without being stressful and I was confidently using new tools and apps right from the get go.

Just getting to grips, quickly, with new technology is a real boost for someone who’s been out of the workplace for a while or who doesn’t have the need to use different technology. The course has a very nice way of making you try things in a safe environment and it’s reminded me that I can still learn and develop and it has really boosted my self esteem. I have definitely reclaimed my “you can do it” attitude.”

Digital Mums Reboot your digital skills with our brand new training course

‘Digital Retox has had a hugely positive impact and I’m applying everything I’m learning direct to my work’

Kate Brewin lives with her husband Andrew and daughter, Matilda (8) in Saffron Walden, near Cambridge. Previously a commissioning editor, Kate completed our Social Media Management Course last summer after being made redundant and is now running her own freelance social media business, Saffron Social Media.

“Although I absolutely love my freelance role, my ultimate career goal is to secure a permanent part time contract with a larger company. When the opportunity to take part in the first Digital Retox pilot came up, I jumped at the chance. Not only did I know I’d enjoy the learning experience as I’d loved Digital Mums’ social media course so much, I knew that it would be invaluable to have those digital skills on my CV to help me in my quest to attracting a bigger client.

I enjoyed getting stuck into the course right from the start, and loved that it tapped into the idea of lifelong learning too. Slack was such a revelation, as was Trello, and what was so enjoyable was that I felt I could really understand these new digital tools within a larger context of how the modern workplace was changing and evolving. There was a good mix of intellectually challenging learning combined with the useful practical side too.

Digital Retox has had a hugely positive impact on my digital knowledge and I’m applying everything I’m learning directly to my work. So much so that my client recently told me she didn’t notice I wasn’t in the office as I was working so seamlessly. I’d really recommend Digital Retox to anyone - it’s been a total life changer for me."

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