Digital Mums Social impact report 2019

Social impact report 2019

5 years ago this month we had our first ever cohort of students successfully graduate in social media marketing. Because social impact is at the core of our business we have set up robust processes to measure the social impact of our learning experiences, using evidence-based approaches to ensure we were delivering benefits across the board.

As we hit this major milestone we decided to survey our Digital Mum’s graduates so far to find out how we are performing at delivering these benefits.

We surveyed all graduates across our whole portfolio of courses to find out whether learning with Digital Mums delivered wellbeing benefits, for example, around building confidence, a sense of purpose and an increased sense of optimism about the future.

We also surveyed the graduates of our social media vocational training courses, which are focused on getting mothers into work in the field of social media, to find out whether we are indeed getting them into work and meeting our mission of reducing maternal unemployment.

You can find out how we have delivered on our social impact mission by:

1. Listening to our CoFounders share the headlines of how we have met our mission and also hear them chat about the journey over the past 5 years in this podcast;

Digital Mums Social impact report 2019

2. Checking out our handy infographic below;

Digital Mums Social impact report 2019

3. Reading our short social impact report here.

Digital Mums Social impact report 2019
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