Digital Mums Six reasons why there will never be enough social media managers

Six reasons why there will never be enough social media managers

“Will there be enough work as a social media manager when I graduate from Digital Mums?” It’s a question our admissions team often gets asked by mums who are considering our Social Media Management Course or our Social Media Marketing: Associate Programme.

And it’s one we have a lot to say on!

We have trained over 1,250 mums and every day we see new jobs advertised, amazing clients secured, and graduates so busy they’re having to turn down work.

Still not convinced?

Here’s six reasons why there will never be enough social media managers.

Digital Mums Six reasons why there will never be enough social media managers

1. There is a huge digital skills gap facing businesses in the UK today

A whopping 72 percent of large businesses are suffering from a tech skills gap and are struggling to recruit the right talent.

Digital expertise is in such short supply that Microsoft has called on the government to urgently invest in education.

The skills you learn on the Digital Mums Social Media Management Course have never been so in demand say our graduates, many of whom are managing multiple clients.

“I am so busy that I am in the process of hiring a virtual assistant,” explains Anna Jones.

Anna manages social media for the on-trend alcohol-free drinks company Dry Drinker, and marketing projects for Greene King.

“Since graduating and joining the #DMCollective there have been so many opportunities I am now having to turn down work. However, the great thing about the Collective is that we all pass on opportunities to each other.”

2. Thousands of businesses still need social media support

There are just over 5m businesses in the UK.

Almost 60 per cent use social media marketing with budgets growing rapidly. So that’s more than 2m potential clients.

Even if only 10% hired a social media manager, that’s still 200,000 businesses.

It’s clear there’s a very long way to go before we reach saturation point.

3. Recruitment in marketing and communications is on the up

While other sectors are stagnant, recruitment in marketing and communications is on the rise.

A recent UK Workforce report by LinkedIn revealed a 7 percent increase in marcomms hires.

Despite the demand, only 8 percent of employees are said to hold entry-level digital skills.

Digital Mums have highly sought-after CVs, which can set them apart in that all-important job search.

Digital Mums Six reasons why there will never be enough social media managers

4. Your dream job is out there

A quick search on jobs site Indeed returns more than 11,000 social media manager jobs up for grabs.

But it’s the variety of clients, sectors and brands, that makes social media management such an exciting career.

Tamara Hammad’s eight-year-career break ended when she started working for CBeebies presenter Andy Day, shortly after graduating from Digital Mums.

“Andy formed a brand new kids’ rock and roll band called Andy and the Odd Socks and I was hired to manage the band’s social media platforms, as well as helping out on Andy’s own channels, explains Tamara.

“Soon I was asked to take on extra marketing projects,  such as helping to promote the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s  Odd Socks Day Campaign. It was an amazing feeling when #oddsocksday was trending on Twitter.

It feels surreal that I was worried whether I would ever get a client when I started the Digital Mums training.

“I can’t believe I am now turning down work.”

5. Social media managers possess in-demand digital skills

From editing videos, to drafting content strategy, social media managers possess an array of digital skills.

Both our training courses give mums the most in-demand skills businesses are crying out for.

Many Digital Mums now focus on developing social media strategy for brands - particularly if budgets are an issue.

Digital Mums Six reasons why there will never be enough social media managers

6. Social media manager is a future-proofed career choice

In 20 years time about 90% of jobs will require digital skills so it makes sense to future-proof your career now.

The Digital Mums social media training is different because it uses the REAL Learning approach.

Our students run a real-life social media campaign during their training, allowing them to put into practice the skills they have learnt.

This ensures our graduates are job-ready for a new career as a social media marketing freelancer, even after a long career break.

Debbie Friend is currently part way through a six-month Returnship programme with Mediacom and is back in the workplace after 24 years.

An opportunity she says she wouldn’t have had the confidence to secure before Digital Mums.

“I think every woman can suffer from imposter syndrome from time to time. But my training has given me a lot of  confidence, even though i’ve been out of an office for so long,” Debbie explains.

“I am currently working in the Influencer SEO department at Mediacom and absolutely loving it. My Digital Mums training has enabled me to contribute across many different departments at the agency.  

I can’t think of any training that is more relevant and important in the workplace today. I am even teaching my 21-year-old son about social media. If only I had had that confidence before Digital Mums!”

Interested in becoming a social media manager? Click here to find out more.

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