Digital Mums Too Scared For Study

Too Scared For Study

Have you ever thought that you weren’t good enough? When you look at courses do you think you won’t be able to do them? That they’ll be too hard? You’ll fail? You’ll make a fool of yourself by trying? It turns out... you're not the only one.

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Digital Mums Too Stressed For Study

Too Stressed For Study

Mothers are often time poor, and if they can find a few hours for study, they're juggling a number of spinning plates and learning something new requires the mental focus that many feel they simply don’t have. One of the biggest barriers to learning that comes up in our conversations with mothers is a lack of time and critically, a lack of headspace to take advantage of learning opportunities.

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Digital Mums Too Old To Learn

Too Old To Learn

Our latest research found that confidence issues were hardest felt by older mothers, with 25% of mothers over the age of 51 lacking the confidence to learn something new. 28% said they felt they were too old to learn. But is it true you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Read on for the finding from our new "Locked out of Learning" report.

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Digital Mums Too Skint For Study

Too Skint For Study

Our new research has shown that outdated skills and knowledge are really holding mothers back in their careers and keeping them out of the workforce. The solution is to engage in adult learning but 1 in 2 of the mothers we surveyed had not engaged in any formal learning within the last 3 years. Given mothers are concerned about their skills and knowledge dating and how this could impact their career, why is this? Read on to find out...

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