Digital Mums Doing the Digital Retox course gave me the confidence to say; “Yes, I can do that”

Doing the Digital Retox course gave me the confidence to say; “Yes, I can do that”

Victoria Wotherspoon (38) lives in Basel, Switzerland, with her husband and two daughters (Juliet, 5, and Dorothy, 2). She previously taught languages at secondary schools in England, then at an international school in Basel. Between children, Victoria worked part time but after her youngest was born, decided to stay at home to look after her girls while they are still very young. With Juliet now at school, Victoria is keen to start working again. She graduated from the Digital Retox pilot course in April. Here’s her story:

“My initial thought when I saw the Digital Retox course pop up on my friend’s Facebook feed was; “Well that’s not for me”. Then I thought about it again and thought, why not? I’d been employing ostrich tactics about digital for a while, sticking my head in the sand and hoping it would go away. I’d also got all-consumed by parenting (as is the way!) and having been out of the workplace for a few years, felt a bit lost as to where to go next. Before reading about Digital Retox I hadn’t considered the professional uses of social media or the importance of digital tools in the workplace, and decided I should master it rather than be intimidated by it. Also, as a teacher and a parent it’s important to keep learning, especially if your kids will be growing up in a digitally advanced age and using it in their daily lives.

Since completing the Digital Retox, I’ve become a lot more confident about using digital work tools such as Slack and Trello and about my own abilities to learn again and take on something new - the words coding and artificial intelligence no longer fill me with fear! I loved the data project at the end of the course, which pulled a lot of the elements we learned into a real-life project collecting, analysing and presenting back research findings into a final report. I no longer feel like I’m getting left behind the digital world, and I’ve started looking for opportunities to put my skills into practice. The course has definitely opened up a world of possibilities. I’ve even started two new roles volunteering for local not-for-profit children’s organisations, which came about because I’m more open to opportunities.

Doing the Digital Retox course gave me the confidence to say; “Yes, I can do that”. It’s also reignited my bug for lifelong learning. The social media module was my favourite and I’m now planning to develop this further, and research how social media and digital can be used effectively in language learning. I’ve signed up for the Digital Mums Social Media Management Course in September, and I can’t wait to get started!”

If you want to future-proof your career,you can go here to secure your place on our next Digital Retox cohort starting on 17 September. We’re currently offering an early-bird discount of 20% off the full price of the Digital Retox, so it’s worth getting in quick!

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