Digital Mums Top 10 tips for Tik Tok marketing in 2021

Top 10 tips for Tik Tok marketing in 2021

Digital Mums have been hosting some amazing digital marketing trainees from We Are Digital over the past 5 weeks and their work experience placement has culminated in them creating some content for us. We are delighted to publish this guest blog post from James Batty. Over to you James.

Since the very confusing dumpster fire of a year known as 2020, not much seems too different in 2021. Especially when we think about brands struggling with social media marketing, a constant challenge particularly for small businesses. One of their biggest challenges is understanding Tik Tok, the new kid on the block. But, that’s why we’re here, to give you all the know-how to get out there with our top tips. Intrigued? Then let’s get started!

1. So Where’s The Background Music?

Whether it’s a trending song on TikTok or one nobody ever hears about anymore, having background music is a sure-fire way to spice up your brand’s TikTok content. Using trending tracks from the TikTok audio library will be great for the algorithm, since it does detect the use of these songs and will group content that uses the same track. Simply, it makes the reach of content spread further out which could be useful in terms of reaching the right people. Aside from the nitty-gritty benefits, it can also make your content pop and thus, makes it less boring!

2. The Do’s and Don’ts with TikTok Captions

Like many things, TikTok captions have their own set of do’s and absolute don’ts. :

  • DO keep things brief and keep captions short (this isn’t Facebook where longer captions will cut it).
  • DO use hashtags in captions as this will help improve the reach of your content (but not too many or it will come across as obnoxious and maybe slightly shady).
  • DON’T neglect trending hashtags that could be used justifiably
  • DON’t make captions too salesy and try to instead make the caption more humorous or maybe ask a question.

By following these principles, your TikTok captions should be just fine.

3. Jump on Trends

Who doesn’t love a good trend? That’s why your brand should be seeking and using them at almost every possible chance! Trends are random and have a life span so it is essential for a brand to think about using them if and where possible. The beauty of a platform like TikTok, is that almost anything can trend. So even if you can’t seem to find a trend to hop on, there’s always a chance for you to make something yourself. You never know, it might just be the next big thing so get out there and use some trends for your brand or get creative and seek to make the next big thing!

4. Remember Hashtags?

Like the heading asks, remember hashtags? I hope so, because on TikTok these can be a brand’s best friend. Hashtags have been around for ages and it looks like they’re not going away any time soon. TikTok’s algorithm will use hashtags as one of several factors (some previously mentioned) when it comes to choosing what content it thinks a user will enjoy. This means that businesses (including yours) can use this to their advantage, in order to generate the greatest and most effectively targeted reach for every piece of content it posts. There are some things to think about however when using hashtags. These can trend and so if and where relevant, go for some trending hashtags to let your brand be seen, but don’t use too many hashtags for previously mentioned reasons (it’s just obnoxious). The number of hashtags used should maximise at 10 for one post but this is the absolute most that you should include (it’s not a target to hit but merely a limit to avoid annoying your audience).

5. Consistency Is King

Being consistent with content is key on TikTok. Don’t keep your audience waiting for content, and have a regular posting schedule. Don’t go overboard with your videos though. You don’t want your brand to come across either as inactive/unresponsive or as spammy - finding the perfect balance will be of great benefit to your brand when using TikTok.

A good starting point might be a post every day or two but any more than that, will require care to be taken since customers don’t want to be bombarded with salesy content multiple times a day.

6. Always Record Vertically

The algorithm shows favor to these videos more than horizontal videos. With that in mind, for the sake of maximising the reach of your content it would be advised that your videos are always recorded vertically. Recording vertically also helps with keeping things simple on the user’s end. This is since most social media video posts including those on TikTok are recorded vertically and so changing this could come across as slightly inconvenient to the audience or even annoying with them having to rotate their device to see the video properly.

7. TikToks: Short And To The Point

Keeping videos short is very much a good idea when operating on TikTok as a business. This is because viewers on TikTok probably don’t want a video essay when casually browsing. Thus, keep your content short and to the point to avoid annoying your audience. On the algorithmic side, content on TikTok which is deemed irrelevant to a particular type of user’s taste is not suggested to them. With this in mind, keeping videos short and in line with the target audience’s interests will allow for the utmost effectiveness and efficiency in letting your brand reach the right people.

8. You’ve Got Their Attention Right?

It’s no good making social media content when the people your targeting are not interested within the first 3 to 5 seconds of seeing it. Unfortunately, people have very short attention spans on social media which is why it is of the utmost importance that your brand’s content grabs their attention right off the bat. A key way to do this is to have something eye-catching within the first 3 to 5 seconds of your post. This is the time frame in which a user has decided whether they care to watch the whole video or not.

For instance, if this blog was turned into a TikTok video there’s no way we wouldn’t have the title look visually pleasing within the first 3 to 5 seconds with some animation. Otherwise, you wouldn’t watch it and honestly I wouldn’t expect you to! This is why it is VITAL that your content on social media is concise and to the point, but also entertaining and engaging. If it is neither of the latter and you wouldn’t watch or engage with your own content yourself, you probably shouldn’t expect other users to do much different.

9. This is YOUR Brand So Let Them See It!

Social media platforms with few, if any exceptions, have many brands on them. A lot of success on social media as a business comes from establishing your brand in your content. This is for the purpose of driving better recognisability for your brand and its content among the tsunami of competition on social media. Practically speaking, make sure you ensure your content is branded with your specific colour scheme, a logo, a slogan, a self-made campaign hashtag, or perhaps some content to do with brand values among various other ideas. With TikTok growing rapidly, you can bet more and more brands will be keen on using it so better to be prepared to ensure your brand is clearly communicated.

10. Include a Call To Action

A brand whether on social media or not must always have some kind of call to action. Most of the time, it will be to purchase a product or service with a promise of it solving a particular problem for a good price. Whatever it may be for your brand, neglecting it would be foolish as this is what could drive a customer to either make a conversion (purchase, subscription, participation in a competition etc) or to not do so. Making your call to action as clear and as incentivising as possible would be of great benefit as well because let’s face it, nobody would enter a competition to receive nothing at the end would they? That’s why you need to give them that incentive so what are you waiting for? Give your audience a reason for engaging with and buying from your business today!

So that’s my top 10 tip for making the most of Tik Tok. Now go out there and make your business BOOM on TikTok!

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