Digital Mums Top tips on your working from home winter wardrobe

Top tips on your working from home winter wardrobe

We don't normally feature brands in our blogs but the whole team at Digital Mums has been struggling with our lockdown wardrobes this year and we were sent information about the new Emma Willis Collection from Next and voila this blog was born.

We've all been finding it hard to nail our working from home wardrobe this year. For some reason it seems to be far more difficult in and around lockdown than normal. Our CoFounder Kathryn turned up on a team Zoom in some PJs and a kimono so you can see what I mean. She has made me inform you that they they were very high-end PJs and it was a very glamorous kimono. But still. When you slip out of your sleepwear into the same old loungewear before you know it you're living your life in elasticated waists, your top's covered in porridge and you haven't brushed your hair for a week. It's a slippery slope. While that isn't the end of the world given what many of us are dealing with right now, we have found that if we let things slide, strangely it seems to impact our productivity.

So when Next released an Emma Willis Collection we were quite excited. We also want to promote British retailers at the moment, given the challenges facing the UK High Street, so we thought we'd share the highlights of the collection with our community along with our top working from home wardrobe tips.

This isn't an advert and we aren't getting paid (not even in free clothes sadly) but we genuinely love these clothes and that's all that matters.......right ;)

Keeping warm when working from home

We have noticed our heating bills are on the rise at the moment. Our CoFounder Kathryn has been hearing her Dad's voice in her head "put on a jumper if you're cold don't even think about putting the heating on". Classic 80s parent.

So we have been looking for cosy knits but ones that don't itch and feel soft on the skin, which so many of the warmest and most stylish jumpers seem to do. When it comes to being productive, comfort is key, especially as the weather gets chillier. So super-soft high neck jumpers and turtlenecks are absolute essentials this winter – try going for something in a bold colour to brighten the darkening days and lift the rest of your look. It's also just really nice to be bolder than black in your colour choice as the weather is so drab and being stuck indoors all day can get you down.

The Emma Willis Collection features knitwear in a range of autumnal colours, including warm shades like rust red, khaki and forest green – perfect options for the colder weather. Match a bold under-layer with darker trousers for an everyday look that is bright enough to make a statement, but still work appropriate.

Digital Mums Top tips on your working from home winter wardrobe

What to wear on a video call

While working from home, it can be easy to fall into the habit of wearing loungewear and joggers every day, particularly when having to juggle both professional and domestic tasks. However, when it comes to video calls, looking professional (at least from the top half) is important.

A great go-to for a video call is a simple cotton shirt. Always an office staple, a smart shirt is hard to beat when it comes to virtual presentations and meetings with colleagues.

Pick one with a looser hem and adjustable sleeves so that you’re not too constricted, the DMHQ team hate that tight feeling around the armpits. Pair a shirt with relaxed pieces, a comfy wide legged trouser is great to allow for manoeuvrability. Materials like cotton are perfect working from home options due to their breathability.

If you still feel a little too formal for Zoom, throw on a pair of jeans for a more smart-casual look. You can even wear your joggers, so long as you look smart from the waist up!

Our CoFounder Nikki is a massive fan of a jumpsuit, particularly the boiler suit variety and she has fallen in love with the Emma Willis version. I know, I know, who can be bothered getting it on and off to go to the loo but she swears by them and she always looks super cute in one, paired with her white trainers. So that's a great option too.

Digital Mums Top tips on your working from home winter wardrobe

Taking a break from your desk

In the interests of exercise and avoiding monotony, it’s important to take time out of your work day to stretch your legs and get a change of scenery. And with the sudden drop in temperature, it’s time to think about investing in a new coat.

Parkas have been fashionable for a long time, and their popularity shows no sign of slowing now. Not only an effortlessly cool and casual outdoor option, a padded jacket gives you a much-needed extra layer of warmth on your outdoor jaunts. These are a particularly good option if you have a dog like our CoFounders Nikki and Kathryn.

For a slightly more formal option, a revere coat with a high collar is a stylish and sophisticated choice for when you’re out and about. Go for a rich colour like khaki or navy for added elegance. Sticking something like this on while going for a shop just makes you feel all pre-pandemic and can give you a bit of a lift. If it's sunny whack some oversized sunnies on with some red lippy and make like a famous person down the local shops. Maybe don't go as far as air kissing the cashier though.

Digital Mums Top tips on your working from home winter wardrobe

Sprucing it up for social calls

The rise of video calls has led to an increase in online drinks and work socials, especially as we enter into the Christmas period. Our CoFounder Kathryn has a weekly quiz with friends on a Friday, for example, which she likes to make a bit of an effort for, just because it breaks up the monotony. She often ends up a little the worse for wear but it's great to get some socialising in.

Come December you may even have virtual work parties, online Secret Santa reveals or small household gatherings booked into your calendar. If this is the case you might want to put in that extra effort without feeling overdressed.

A casual suit is the perfect bridge between a professional and social occasion. A matching jacket and trouser set in a slightly unconventional colour or material, such as corduroy or velvet, is a great way to stand out while still being subtle – plus, it’s super comfortable for lounging around in the house.

We are obsessed with this Emma Willis velvet suit and are already imagining making ourselves a sneaky Espresso Martini to hangout with friends this Christmas.

We also love a sheer blouse as an immediate solution to glamour, whilst retaining that "throw on" feel. We love the polka dot sheer blouse below which has a classic and timeless feel so when we do come out of the Covid crisis we can wear it out out, ideally on a dance floor somewhere or even doing our favourite ever activity at DMHQ......karaoke!

Digital Mums Top tips on your working from home winter wardrobe

So that's our top tips for your working from home winter work wardrobe with suggestions from the gorgeous new Emma Willis Collection from Next. These are all available now on the Next website and will be in selected stores from the 3rd December (lockdown depending).

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