Digital Mums Vote for Digital Mums in the Annual Digital Leaders 100 Awards

Vote for Digital Mums in the Annual Digital Leaders 100 Awards

Digital Mums is honoured and excited to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Digital Skills or Inclusion Initiative of the Year award! The annual Digital Leaders 100 list highlights the latest champions of digital transformation across the UK. We are thrilled to be a finalist but it’s your vote that counts. Please show your support for Digital Mums by clicking here to vote.

The Digital Leaders programme recognises the importance of Leadership in driving forward digital transformation in the UK. Each year’s list is created from nominations submitted by members of the 120,000 strong Digital Leaders Community before being shortlisted by the DL100 judges, who are often members of the Digital Leaders Advisory Board.

Digital Mums delivers vocational online digital training courses to mothers who are looking to find a rewarding and flexible career path around their family commitments. We provide mothers with a nurturing and supportive environment to upskill and become a valuable resource to businesses.

In 2019 the digital skills gap continues to increase in the UK creating a major risk to business growth, innovation, and development within the working population. Tens of thousands of women are pushed out of their jobs each year due to pregnancy or maternity leave. Digital Mums addresses both serious issues with its unique learning style and online training courses. When you study with Digital Mums you become part of our community and support network, this continues far beyond the training courses.

Our recent 5 year Social Impact Report has highlighted that we’ve helped over 1,500 women find Work That Works. Our graduates have earned over £50,000,000 since studying with us. 48% of our students classified themselves as either unemployed or on a career break before studying with us. This figure plummets to just 8% post-graduation.

Digital Mums Vote for Digital Mums in the Annual Digital Leaders 100 Awards

As well as gaining in-demand digital skills our graduates benefit from increased job satisfaction, raised career aspirations, feeling more employable and expanding their professional network. And there aren’t just employment benefits, we have recorded an increase in wellbeing too. Our Social Impact Report showed our graduates have higher self-esteem, more optimism about the future, improved emotional wellbeing and more confidence in their abilities.

At Digital Mums we know the importance of adult learning as a vehicle for supporting mothers back into the workplace and to help them find more flexible working opportunities. Our courses focus on social media marketing and digital skills, and we are creating an opportunity for mothers to be at the forefront of filling the digital skills gap in the UK today.

Please take a moment to vote for us as a key player in the Digital Leaders Top 100 #DL100. Thank you for your continued support and help in spreading the Digital Mums word.

Digital Mums Vote for Digital Mums in the Annual Digital Leaders 100 Awards
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