Digital Mums Work from home jobs don't need to be lonely

Work from home jobs don't need to be lonely

Ask most Digital Mums’ the best thing about our training and they will likely mention the awesome fellow mums that they have met along their journey. From our peer groups during training right through to joining the #DMCollective on graduation, Digital Mums’ are women who have each other’s back.

And one of the happy outcomes of this collaborative spirit is the vast numbers of Digital Mum graduates who retrain and then go into business or work together.

From setting up social media agencies right through to contracting work out to each other at busy times, we hear from some of the many Digital Mum graduates who are currently taking over the social media world...

“We set up our award winning agency”

Social Sense Media  is a business that offers training, consultancy and full social media management. We are Kate Cox and Karen Slade and were in the same cohort during training and just seemed to click!

As we look to grow our business, we are currently working with three other Digital Mums’ to help with sourcing content and scheduling which enables us the time and head space to think about our business plan and go out and find more new business.

After only four months of being in business, we were awarded Bronze for Social Media Management company in the #Worcestershirehour Social Media awards.

Our business has also recently become a Programme Partner with Digital Mums,  As ever when you’re growing a business it’s your own channels that suffer! Now we have Vicky Sills as our trainee Digital Mum who is working on the Social Sense Media channels; this means we can comfortably look after our clients as we know our own platforms are in very capable hands.

Kate Cox and Karen Slade, Social Sense Media

Digital Mums Work from home jobs don't need to be lonely
Kate Cox and Karen Slade

“Our business is an extension of our peer group”

“We all graduated from the same peer group and initially had our own clients but continued to support each other by brainstorming strategy and proposals for each other. We loved working together and quickly realised that we were ready to progress to a more formal arrangement. We now have a diverse portfolio between us including a brand new football toy, a music festival, an artisan cider company, a high-end W1 women's fashion boutique and a children's cancer charity so no two days are the same!

Working together has huge advantages. Firstly, the responsibility for delivering client campaigns is shared and we are in regular contact which means we never feel isolated as freelancers. We all bring ideas to the table and our clients effectively benefit from three heads for the price of one. Social media is ever changing and the goalposts move almost daily! We each take responsibility for keeping up with trends, algorithm changes and updates for different platforms, feeding back to each other. Lastly, although we carefully plan our workload, sometimes life throws in a curveball. We trained together, we work in the same way and we know our campaigns inside out so when one of us isn't available, another takes up the reins.

In the same way, we work from home and everyone needs a work/life balance and down time is just that. If a client has a sudden need when one of us is unavailable, it's covered. For us this is Work That Works®”

Some Like It Social - Helen Creese, Sam Ferguson  and Gemma Windham,

“Our social media work is funding our new business idea”

Ours is a slightly unusual arrangement. We are both Digital Mums and we both have our own social media business which we run alongside our joint business.  At The Little White Cow we source and hire out beautiful props to be used at events, weddings and shoots. We also offer a styling service.

We actually knew each other pre Digital Mums as we were both made redundant at the same time from working at an International drinks company (Jean was on maternity leave at the time), this experience brought us together and ignited a real determination to build our own successful businesses.

The flexibility of the social media work allows us the opportunity to not only build our new venture but work around our children. We’re not going to lie - it’s tough and busy - but we support each other and it’s great having a partner in crime to share the load with. We couldn’t focus on building The Little White Cow if we didn’t have our social media work to pay the bills and take the pressure off.  Who knows what the future brings, we do see the balance shifting but for the time being we’re focused on being multi-tasking ninjas!

We are continuing to grow The Little White Cow and this year we aim to buy a van, increase our storage capabilities, rebrand and launch a new website. We are going to have employees this summer for the first time too. Watch this space and keep your fingers crossed for us!”

Jean Smart and Kate Symington, The Little White Cow  

Digital Mums Work from home jobs don't need to be lonely
​Jean Smart and Kate Symington

“We work collaboratively at the same agency”

“I’m Head of Social at a business growth agency called Puretas. A fellow Digital Mum, Jules Somerset-Webb, also works here as Head of PR and Content. Together we work to promote Puretas' clients, and especially an artisan chocolate maker called Gemini. I do the social media and Jules does the PR for print media as well as managing blogger relationships.

I love that we both know that our training has been good and both of us have the same high standards. Jules really understands the strategy and techniques I use so there just isn't the same learning curve there'd be if I was working with a non Digital Mum.

I also contract work out to another Digital Mum, Emma Isaac  for a different client, Cause 4. She takes over some of the hours from me when I'm over capacity and has managed the scheduling and community management.

Puretas is in a growth phase so I'm hoping to be able to expand the number of Digital Mums’ I'm working with in time too.”

PuretasRebecca Bond and Jules Somerset-Webb

“I outsource work to other graduates”

“I provide digital marketing (social, email marketing, content creation, blogging, Google Adwords) for a number of clients and as the work has grown, I've started to outsource and work with other Digital Mums’.

If you want to grow or develop your business investing and working with others only strengthens your offering. I’ve worked with different Digital Mums depending on what a client needs. From Cat Davies (video skills), Emma Van Heusen (Facebook Ad Strategist), Nicole Andrew (Journalist/Copywriter) to Clare Macdonald (Website Designer).

I also work regularly with one Digital Mum, Isil Simsek on one of my biggest longer-term contracts, Media Smart UK. Her background in education and her experience of growing engaged audiences has helped me exceed the KPI's set by the client.

I've learnt so much from working with other Digital Mums and what we can offer when we collaborate is just so strong. There is so much talent!”

Ruth Gilbey

“We launched our own social media agency”

“Together, as three graduates of Digital Mums, we have recently launched Looped Media, a social media agency.

There’s no better group of supportive women out there than the DMCollective and there’s no one we’d rather work with than other Digital Mums. It was a no-brainer to work together to build an agency. As well as having the same standards when it comes to work and our core values as an agency, we also understand the demands of flexible working and family life. As we grow we plan to outsource more work to other Digital Mums’. In fact, we wouldn't outsource to anywhere but the #DMCollective as we know how thorough the training is. Share the love!

We’re determined to grow a successful business - one that offers more and gives great clients genuine solutions to their social media needs, but one that also encapsulates the #WorkThatWorks ethos for the three of us.”

Jenny Neville, Elaine Paterson, Lorraine DoxeyLooped Media

Digital Mums Work from home jobs don't need to be lonely
Lorraine Doxey

“I regularly contract work out to fellow Digital Mums’”

“My business, Bondfield Marketing, provides flexible marketing services for small businesses. I’m currently working with two other Digital Mums’ who provide copywriting, design and social media to our clients. Longer term I’m also planning to provide marketing services jointly with other Digital Mums’, as part of an associate model I’m currently setting up.

I love that I am part of a network of people who provide a great service and are deeply knowledgeable about social media. On top of that, we all understand the challenges of being working parents. We all know that school holidays are tough, and that work gets done at odd hours of the day!”

Jenny ProcterBondfield Marketing

“We join together on specific projects”

“My business Lollipop Social will be celebrating its first birthday in March. And I find I'm getting busier with client work but also my own content marketing. Fellow Digital Mum, Nicole Andrew, supports me with copy editing for my newsletter The Sugar Rush and blogs. I've found it much easier creating regular content knowing Nicole will help me put on the final touches. I've also introduced Nicole to one of my clients where I oversee the marketing strategy and Nicole delivers fantastic Twitter marketing.

When you work with a Digital Mum you know they have superior skills and have really high standards which creates heaps of trust. It's also so refreshing to talk about the specific challenges being a working mum and running your own business bring.

I'm really interested in content marketing and helping entrepreneurs formulate a strategy for their business. I can then bring in Nicole for blog writing. We make a great team on these projects as we combine a wealth of experience and different skills.”

Nicole Osborne, Lollipop Social

Digital Mums Work from home jobs don't need to be lonely
Nicole Osborne

“Digital Mums’ graduates provide niche expertise for my clients”

“I have worked with many Digital Mums’ over the last two years as part of my business as the Marketing Architect. They have helped me to manage my clients social channels, create social strategies, help me with research for marketing plans, copywriting, brainstorming marketing strategies. All sorts of things!

One Digital Mum, Sian Mansbridge is currently an associate at the Marketing Architect. She manages the social pages of some of my clients and also delivers social training, supports me with developing marketing plans and is an integral part of the business.

I love the fact that we are starting on the same page. We have a shared understanding of some of the foundations of marketing - the importance of having a clear avatar, influencer marketing, and the difference between brand awareness and lead generation all examples that spring to mind. I don't ever have to explain these concepts to a Digital Mum.

Having the Digital Mums community on tap means I can always get niche expertise for my clients. It's wonderful.”

Pip Evan Cook, The Marketing Architect

“We are able to offer businesses more by working together”

“We both hit the ground running after graduating from Digital Mums and very quickly hit capacity with client work. We were both still getting regular enquiries and requests for help. Many were small businesses who didn't have the budget for ongoing support but wanted to learn how to manage their own platforms.  So we are now developing a range of training and 1:1 packages together to help small businesses create or improve their social media strategies.

We both have very different career backgrounds so are a great fit;  Anna has corporate PR background and I was a small business owner who successfully used social media to scale my previous business. We have a wealth of experiences to bring to the table and support business owners.

On a more practical level, it's also great working with someone who is also busy juggling life and parenting. We don't bat an eyelid when our working day finishes at 2.30pm and one or both of us dash to the school gates.”

Laura Davis Virtually Savvy and Anna Jones

Digital Mums Work from home jobs don't need to be lonely
Anna Jones

So whether it’s setting up a social media agency from scratch or leaning on another Digital Mum for specific support on a project the amount of work that Digital Mums’ graduates are currently doing together is incredible. And this is just a snapshot of what is going on!  Every week in the #DMCollective, our alumni community, we hear about different Digital Mums’ teaming up to work together on projects.  ome Digital Mums’  have created a niche such as photography, website design or SEO and they work with a number of different mums on projects. The opportunities are endless!

As soon as you graduate and become a member of the #DMCollective you will see the opportunities for yourself. Digital Mums is about so much more than social media training, it’s about creating a community (and jobs!) for life.

If you are interested in finding out more about our training programmes simply click here to find out more.

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