Digital Mums Calling all full time working mums looking for flex!

Calling all full time working mums looking for flex!


It’s been five months since we launched our pilot training programme for full time working mums and we’re really excited to say that word from our early adopters is that it’s working well!  So well in fact that we’re ready to roll out our next two pilots of the 12 month Social Media Management Course 2.0, starting on 18th June and 26th July 2018.  

The beauty of our latest course is that it only requires a commitment of seven hours per week compared with the 15 hours per week we recommend you put aside on our six month Social Media Management Course. This ultimately means we can now open up our training to even more mums, in particular women already working full time or with full time commitments (like pre school-aged kids!), as the training can be done in the evenings or weekends, if necessary. Because there will be less training hours per week the course will take more weeks to complete, lasting a total of 43 weeks with 9 weeks holiday (so, 12 months - the clue is in the name!).

If this sounds like it might be for you, the even better news is that you’ll be able to take advantage of our exclusive pilot price £2166.67 (£2,600 inc VAT). This is a significantly reduced price to what the eventual launch price will be and can either be paid upfront or in two instalments over three months

So, why a pilot?

Running pilots before launching a new programme is all part of the Digital Mums process. Our ‘test, measure, reflect, refine’ methodology sits at the heart of everything we do and our students at Digital Mums will follow this process when they begin their learning journey with us.

At Digital Mums our mission has always been to support as many mums as possible to achieve their perfect work/life balance - something we call #WorkThatWorks. We know that mums working full time are most likely in more need of #WorkThatWorks than anyone else, and this adapted version of our Social Media Management Course means we are now able upskill even more mums in social media marketing in a way that fits around a full time job and family life.

Because this course is a pilot, we will ask you to give regular feedback on how you’re finding the experience. Your feedback will then directly help to shape this course.  

How does it compare to our existing six month Social Media Management Course?

Our training is all about getting students job-ready and as such our education programmes are really immersive. They build in plenty of time for students to learn and to put that learning into practice on a live campaign. This is no different on our 12 month pilot.

Over the year, students will design and then deliver a live social media campaign over three major social media platforms. This will put them in a fantastic position after they graduate, as they’ll have 12 months of practical experience applying social media marketing in real life. Throughout that time students will be placed in a peer group with six other mums and will attend regular video hangouts so they’re plugged into a community of like minded women going through the same experience from day one - the NCT of your training world, if you like!

To get a sense of what you'll be doing and when over the year, check out this PDF we put together mapping out your learning journey.

And on graduation our pilot students will still get full access to all the added benefits of becoming a Digital Mum which include, invitation to our private network of Digital Mums Alumni (the DM Collective) and bonus course content.  This includes our four-week ‘Do The Hustle’ Course which gives you all the tips you need to set up as a freelancer, access to tons of templates for audits, contracts, writing a client proposal and tips on how to nail networking from our in-the-know DM Collective.

Interested in finding out more?

If you’re a mum working full-time, like the idea of being an early adopter or have other commitments that mean spreading the training over a year will help you achieve your Work That Works®, you can go here to ask us any questions you might have. If you’ve got all the information you need and want to apply right now, you can go here to find the application form.

And if you know other mums working full-time or in need of a course that allows them to upskill in digital or change careers to find their own #WorkThatWorks, then please do share this with them, so they get the opportunity to take advantage of our discounted pilot price.

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