Blood of My Blood: Shooting starts and cast announced for ‘Outlander’ prequel – with a big surprise

In addition to the start of filming and the cast for the "Outlander" prequel "Blood of My Blood", new details about the plot have now been announced that should come as a pleasant surprise to fans.

While season 6 has just been added to Netflix and the second half of season 7 is still to come, it is already clear that the eighth season will be the end of “Outlander“. One consolation for fans of the fantasy drama is certainly that the “Outlander” universe will continue with the spin-off “Blood of My Blood”. It has been known for some time that this will be a prequel to the love story of Jamie’s parents. Together with an announcement about the start of filming, not only the main actors have now been revealed, but also further details about the plot, which should delight fans.

“Outlander: Blood of My Blood” is about Jamie and Claire’s parents

According to the announcement from Starz (via Instagram), two dramatic love stories await us in “Blood Of My Blood“. It has long been known that the spin-off would revolve around the back story of Jamie’s parents, i.e. the forbidden love between Ellen MacKenzie and Brian Fraser in the Scottish Highlands of the early 18th century. It has now been revealed that the prequel will also focus on the story of Claire’s parents Julia Moriston and Henry Beauchamp, who met in England during the First World War and about whom we otherwise know very little.

This already gives us an idea of the direction the plot of “Outlander: Blood of My Blood” will take. We already know from the parent series and the “Outlander” book series that Jamie’s parents should never have married. Ellen had already been promised for political and dynastic reasons, but she gave her heart to Brian, who, as an illegitimate scion of the nobility, was not a proper match. Ellen therefore hid until her pregnancy was clearly recognizable and a marriage to a man other than Brian was out of the question. As Julia and Henry died in a car accident and Claire grew up with her uncle Quentin Lambert Beauchamp from the age of five, we know very little about the history of Claire’s parents. However, the turbulent history of the time suggests that the couple’s love was just as dramatic.

Both storylines are to be told in parallel in “Blood of My Blood”. The different temporal levels will allow the prequel to retain one of the defining elements from “Outlander”. However, it is not clear whether time travel will also play a role in “Outlander: Blood of My Blood”. The spin-off is set to start with ten episodes and will also be realized by “Outlander” showrunner Matthew B. Roberts.

Cast of “Blood of My Blood”: This is what Jamie and Claire’s parents look like

Along with the announcement of the start of filming, the main cast of “Blood of My Blood” was also revealed. Just like for the main series, the cast is still rather unknown, including

  • Harriet Slater (“Pennyworth”) plays Jamie’s mother Ellen MacKenzie
  • Jamie Roy (“Condor’s Nest”) plays Jamie’s father Brian Fraser
  • Hermione Corfield (“The Road Dance”) plays Claire’s mother Julia Moriston
  • Jeremy Irvine (“Companions”) plays Claire’s father Henry Beauchamp

“Blood of My Blood”: When and where will the “Outlander” spin-off start?

As filming has just begun, no release date for “Blood of My Blood” is yet known. Season 8 of the main series is already in production and it is therefore quite possible that there will be links to the prequel in the new “Outlander” episodes. Presumably, “Outlander: Blood of My Blood” will therefore start after the final season of the parent series. We do not currently expect the spin-off to be launched before 2025.

In the USA, the spin-off produced by Sony Pictures will be shown on Starz. Like the latest “Outlander” episodes from season 7 itself, the episodes of “Blood of My Blood” will presumably be available digitally for purchase on Prime Video after a delay to the US launch. The first six seasons of “Outlander” can currently be found on Netflix, and the streaming provider may also secure the rights for the prequel. As soon as there is more news, we will keep you up to date here.

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