Max Martini, Brianna Hildebrand, LaMonica Garrett & Linda Hamilton: ‘Terminator’ and Marvel stars are hunted by aliens in sci-fi action film Osiris

Linda Hamilton is back on the big screen: in the sci-fi action film "Osiris", she fights alien creatures together with Brianna Hildebrand.

Strong female roles are not an invention of today’s film industry – they existed long before “Barbie“, “Wonder Woman” and the like: Sigourney Weaver’s Ellen Louise Ripley in the sci-fi horror franchise “Alien” and Linda Hamilton’s Sarah Connor in the sci-fi action franchise “Terminator” are all the more impressive characters because they had to prove themselves in an extremely masculine genre environment. Hamilton’s character in particular underwent a major transformation from damsel in distress in the first “Terminator” film from 1984 to battle Amazon in “Terminator 2 – Day of Reckoning” from 1991.

After making herself rather scarce on the big screen for some time, Linda Hamilton returned to her traditional role after 28 with “Terminator: Dark Fate”. Unfortunately, despite series creator James Cameron’s direct involvement as producer, the film was not crowned with success. The 67-year-old cut a fine figure, looked absolutely toned and was in no way inferior to her colleague Arnold Schwarzenegger in terms of impressive physique.

Since then, Hamilton has not been seen in any other cinema productions, but has appeared on the screen. For example, in the insider tip “Resident Alien” as General Eleanor Wright. And Alien is also the key word: as Deadline reports, Hamilton has taken on the lead role in a sci-fi action film entitled “Osiris“, which apparently nobody had on their radar. Filming was reportedly completed at the end of last year. Post-production should also be completed by spring this year. The independent label XYZ Films is responsible for selling the worldwide rights. A stroke of luck for those responsible for the production:

“XYZ Films is the perfect partner who shares our sentiment for iconic alien thrillers much like we all grew up with, standing in line at the theaters to watch with state-of-the-art creature designs and visual effects that thrill audiences everywhere. We didn’t hold back our nostalgia for the genre, and teaming up again with Max Martini alongside the legendary Linda Hamilton was a huge gift for this movie. We can’t wait to show the world and wrap post-production this spring.”

Speaking of “Resident Alien“, you can watch the trailer for the next season 3 here.

‘Osiris’: Linda Hamilton and Brianna Hildebrand are tough-as-nails soldiers

Just as there is talk of “nostalgia for the genre”, fans can only hope that this slogan conceals a certain love for handmade special effects and detailed set designs as well as uncompromising toughness. Just as it should be for the genre in its heyday with works such as “Predator”, “Dark Angel” and “Split Second”.

At least that’s what the official synopsis promises, according to which members of a special unit are abducted by a mysterious spaceship in the middle of an operation. When they finally come to in the belly of the alien vehicle, they are horrified to discover that they are being hunted by a merciless alien race. A first glimpse into this deadly chase is provided by a picture that you can view via Deadline.

In addition to Linda Hamilton, the film also stars Brianna Hildebrand (“Deadpool 2”), Max Martini (“13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi”), LaMonica Garrett (“The Terminal List“) and Michael Irby (“SEAL Team”). The film was directed by William Kaufman. Action fans will probably have fond memories of “Sinners and Saints” in particular. He never got beyond the B-movie level, but is considered one of the best filmmakers in this field.

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