Cobra Kai Season 6: Confirmed for 2024! First video from the set promises a spectacular conclusion to the Netflix series

"Cobra Kai" is entering its 6th round. The new season is set to give the Netflix series a crowning finale. A video from the set has now been released and the start has been confirmed for 2024.

  • Netflix is extending the successful action series “Cobra Kai” for a final 6th season.
  • The final season will have ten particularly long episodes.
  • Now there is also a video from the set.

The finale of “Cobra Kai” season 5 could easily have passed for the conclusion of the Netflix series. Terry Silver has been defeated and Cobra Kai has lost all its students. Before new disputes and obstacles are simply introduced, “Cobra Kai” simply ends with season 6.

Cobra Kai Season 6: Release date

After several months of waiting, another season of “Cobra Kai” was confirmed in mid-January 2022. The huge success of the series made a continuation a matter of course, which is why fans were surprised by the revelation that season 6 will also be the final season of the series.

In a statement, the showrunners explained that they want to end the story on their own terms, but hold out the prospect of more stories from the “Karate Kid” universe. Season 6 is also set to be the biggest season, so we can expect more episodes.

A release date for “Cobra Kai” season 6 has not yet been set. Filming began in spring 2023, but the writers’ and actors’ strikes brought production to a standstill for a long time. Season 6 can therefore be expected in summer 2024 at the earliest. However, a start in 2024 has already been confirmed.

“Cobra Kai” producer Hayden Schlossberg confirmed on Twitter (aka X) that season 6 will once again comprise 10 episodes. Nevertheless, it is the longest season, so at least one episode is likely to be significantly longer.

Cobra Kai season 6: Trailer

There is no trailer for “Cobra Kai” season 6 yet, but Netflix released a video of the table read at the fan event TUDUM 2023, where the cast read the first script of the upcoming season together.

We hear Demetri actor Gianni Decenzo talking about the need for a new dojo name. This confirms the assumption that the Cobra-Kai-Dojo will no longer play a role in season 6 after the victory over Terry Silver.

Short clips from the new episodes were also shown at the “Next on Netflix 2024” presentation. These do not reveal much, but give hope for a great finale.

This was followed shortly afterwards by a video from the set of season 6. In it we are promised a spectacular finale and very briefly we also see close-ups of the place where the Sekai Takai tournament will probably take place.

Cobra Kai Season 6: Plot

Unlike most other “Cobra Kai” seasons, season 5 offers us a fairly well-rounded conclusion, although there is of course potential for another season. For example, the last scene of the season 5 finale shows John Kreese breaking out of prison.

Kreese wants revenge

Kreese is certainly out for revenge after Daniel promised him help from his lawyer, but immediately broke this promise and insulted Kreese. However, the question arises as to what Kreese’s plan is. He is unlikely to return as sensei, after all he is now a wanted criminal and can only operate from the background, possibly with Tory’s help again.

It could also be that Kreese wants to get Johnny back on his side, as Johnny still seems to mean a lot to him.

“Cobra Kai” without Cobra Kai?

As things stand, the story of the Cobra Kai dojo seems to be over. Silver is defeated, Kreese cannot return to Cobra Kai and Johnny is unlikely to be interested in returning. A completely new sensei could be introduced or Kim Da-Eun could take over, but most of the students have left Cobra Kai, so there is little danger from the former Dojo of Terror in season 6.

Sekai Takai

The Sekai Takai tournament is introduced for the first time in season 5 and everything looks as if Cobra Kai and the unnamed dojo of Johnny, Daniel and Chozen will measure their strength there. But season 5 ends before the tournament and Cobra Kai is (presumably) history. In season 6, we will undoubtedly see the Sekai Takai, but now there is a lack of a clear enemy here.

It’s possible that a larger part of the new season will be set in another country where the Sekai Takai takes place. This would also explain why most of the previous differences were covered in season 5. New opponents could be introduced in season 6 and Kreese would also have more opportunities outside the USA, as he would hardly be searched for there.

Miyagi catch

What will Johnny, Daniel and Chozen’s joint dojo be called, assuming the three former enemies remain a permanent team? This question was already asked in season 5 and should be answered in season 6, just in time for Sekai Takai. A popular fan theory is that the new dojo could be called “The Karate Kids” – but of course we don’t know for sure yet.

Cobra Kai season 6: Cast

All the main actors and actresses from “Cobra Kai” are back again in season 6. It is not certain whether Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), Stingray (Paul Walter Hauser) and Kim Da-Eun (Alicia Hannah-Kim) will return in season 6, and the same applies to the numerous supporting characters such as Miguel’s father Hector (Luis Roberto Guzmán).

Before “Cobra Kai” season 6 starts, you can pass the time with the numerous new films and series on Netflix.

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