At Digital Mums, you join a community for life. Forget the loneliness of freelancing, we connect you to a virtual office of incredible mums, all empowering each other to succeed in flexible careers. There are plenty of real world meet-ups too!

Digital Mums Community

A lifelong community

Like-minded mums from across the UK, working, socialising and supporting each other every day

We want to empower our alumni to build successful and sustainable freelance careers, and we understand that upskilling is only the very first step in that journey. Going it alone as a freelancer can be a confusing and difficult process (and not to mention a lonely one too). Training is one thing; being able to navigate a new career path as a freelancer is another, especially if you're doing it from home alone. 

 That's why we give our alumni ongoing access to our training materials to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. We know how fast moving social media is and want to empower our graduates to stay ahead of the curve. We also provide our community with first-looks at new training products, offer additional opportunities to learn such as our free Do The Hustle training which gives you everything you need to know to set yourself up as a successful freelancer. Graduates also join the #DMCollective once they finish. Part virtual office, part brainstorming forum, part support network, the #DMCollective is our tight-knit alumni community. This community is an incredible resource and one of the main reasons why so many of our alumni have been able to successfully build freelance careers after graduating. 

Digital Mums Community

Work remotely but with a very real community of mums to support you in your freelance life

The #DMCollective is not just an amazing online network, it’s a tight-knit offline community too. We have alumni based all over the UK, from Scotland to Cornwall and everywhere in between. Once graduated, there are plenty of opportunities to build relationships with like-minded women in your local area, with our alumni organising #DMCollective meet-ups. It may all start online, but our community form real relationships that last far beyond the six months of training. 

Friendships are genuinely made forever and many of our Digital Mums go on to work together with some teaming up to form their own agencies and others covering for each other during holidays, when workloads get too much or if a specialist skill such as photography, website design or SEO is needed.

When you sign up to Digital Mums, you're joining an amazing community that you'll stay connected to for life. All are united by one goal - finding #WorkThatWorks - and play a huge part in empowering one another to kickstart their careers. 

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Become part of our exclusive community

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