Deadwind Season 4: This is the status of a sequel to the crime series

In “Deadwind”, a policewoman is torn between her job and her family. Here we reveal whether she also faces this challenge in season 4.

Sofia Karppi (Pihla Viltala) is a police officer in Helsinki and has to come to terms with a tragic loss: Her husband died months earlier. Since then, the single mother has been struggling not only with her stressful job, but also with her two children, who more or less blame her for the tragedy. The rebellious stepdaughter Henna (Mimosa Willamo) in particular is no longer well-disposed towards the widow. When the policewoman is assigned the murder case of a woman connected to the big businessman Alex Hoikkala (Tommi Korpela), the balancing act between job and family becomes increasingly difficult. Find out whether she will be able to fulfill her responsibilities in season 4 of “Deadwind“.

Deadwind Season 4: Atmospheric thriller in a Nordic setting

What makes “Deadwind” so special is not only the interesting mix of thriller and drama and the focus on the protagonist’s inner life, but also the setting. The crime series cleverly uses the Nordic backdrop to give the story a chilly atmosphere. An environment in which the main character has to face all her private and professional demons. So it’s no wonder that fans of the thriller format are wondering whether “Deadwind” will go into a fourth season with the start of the third installment. Unfortunately, we have to leave you in the dark at the moment as to whether there will be a fourth season – as nothing is known about a continuation of the series. Toramp also has no information about season 4 of “Deadwind”.

Deadwind Season 4: A few alternatives

If you want to watch “Deadwind”, you can watch the first two seasons on Netflix; the third season has also been available to watch on the popular streaming platform since May 15, 2022. If you would like to watch similar formats after the Finnish crime series that also make consistent use of the Nordic backdrop, you should not miss the following series:

  • Arctic Circle – The Invisible Death: The murder of a prostitute is the starting signal for Finnish policewoman Nina Kautsalo (Ilina Kuustonen) for a far-reaching investigation. The officer realizes just how deadly the case is when German virologist Thomas Lorenz (Maximilian Brückner) is called in. You can watch the thrilling crime series for a fee on Amazon Prime or until July 12, 2022 in the ZDF Mediathek.
  • Bordertown: Elite investigator Kari Sorjonen (Ville Virtanen) moves to the tranquil village of Laapenranta on the Russian border with his family. When several murders are committed in the region, Sorjonen uncovers far-reaching connections. The thriller series can also be classified as a Nordic noir crime series and is available to watch for a fee via Amazon Prime and iTunes. “Bordertown: A Better Place” on Netflix is merely the feature film sequel.
  • Trapped in Iceland: The fishing village of Seyðisfjörður is shaken by the discovery of a male corpse. The case becomes a mammoth task for the team led by detective Andri Ólafsson (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) – because a snowstorm cuts the island off from the outside world and the last tourist ferry with 300 passengers expands the circle of suspects enormously. You can watch the crime series for a fee on Amazon Prime, via ZDF select Channel or for free in the ZDF media library until January 18, 2023.

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