For Life Season 3: Is there a sequel to the lawyer series?

For two seasons, the wrongly convicted Aaron Wallace stood up for himself and other prisoners as a lawyer in “For Life”. Is season 3 of the series coming?

Aaron Wallace (Nicholas Pinnock) is serving a life sentence in prison in the drama series “For Life“. He was convicted of a crime he didn’t even commit. He therefore decides to take his fate into his own hands and become a lawyer. However, he not only defends himself, but also other prisoners. After nine years, he is released on parole. The best-known actors in the series, which is based on a true story, include Indira Varma, who appeared in “Game of Thrones”, and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, who is also involved in “For Life” as a producer. You can find out whether the story will be continued in a third season of “For Life” here.

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For Life Season 3: The status of a sequel

After “For Life” was given two seasons and 23 episodes, the series was canceled by ABC. It was only indirectly due to the viewers. As can be seen from the IMDb rating of 7.7, viewers thought the drama was pretty good. However, the audience figures were not high enough for the broadcaster and so it was canceled in May 2021. Several productions were canceled at the same time, as reported by Variety and others. However, there was great joy when the series found a new home on IMDb TV, an Amazon streaming service. A few weeks later, according to TVLine, the decision was made against it. “For Life” therefore seems to have come to a temporary end without a third season.

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For Life: What the lead actor says about season 3

Lead actor Nicholas Pinnock has also spoken out via Twitter and expressed his regrets. In a series of tweets, he explained, among other things, that he was not angry with ABC and that the broadcaster had been very supportive of the production. He also called on fans to take action so that a third season could possibly be produced after all. However, the tweets are from May 2021, just a few weeks before IMDb TV canceled the show. So his appeal was apparently in vain.

Anyone who has not yet seen the two existing seasons of “For Life” has two options here: On the one hand, all 23 episodes can be seen on Sky, and on the other hand, you also have the option of watching them on Amazon Prime Channel Sony AXN. “For Life” also started on Netflix on March 1, 2022.

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