Frozen 3 in the Works: Disney surprises fans with another sequel later this year

Bob Iger from Disney has finally announced the sequel! However, fans can look forward to a return to Arendelle.

With “Frozen 2”, Disney has succeeded in both growing up with the fans of the time and attracting new little friends to the franchise. The first film raked in almost 1.3 billion US dollars at the box office, while the second film topped that with 1.5 billion worldwide. What’s more, the title has landed on Disney+, where it is now being streamed countless times. At the end of the second movie, Olaf asks the audience if they have any more adventures ahead of them. Elsa denies this, but fortunately she is not right.

New “Frozen” radio play coming in 2023

As you can read below, the cinema release for “Frozen 3” is still a long way off. However, The Guardian is now reporting that the next icy adventure with Anna and Elsa is already within reach. However, this is not the next big screen outing, but a new Disney podcast or rather a twelve-part radio play entitled “Forces of Nature”. It begins after the events of the second feature film and tells of great chaos, which can possibly be traced back to strange copper machines in the forest. Anna and Elsa must therefore solve the mystery surrounding the machines. They get help from both old and new friends.

Frozen 3 is coming! Finally officially announced

Actress Kristen Bell, who lends her voice to Elsa’s sister Anna, gave all fans new hope early on. She was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show” in June 2022 and of course Fallon also asked about a third part. And the “Frozen” star actually had a surprise to offer: “I would like to announce – with zero authority – ‘Frozen 3′”. Although she otherwise kept a low profile and emphasized that nothing was official yet, she seemed to know more about the upcoming plans with the franchise even then.

Now, however, Disney CEO Bob Iger has finally officially confirmed the continuation of the franchise! So far, he has only announced that the sequel is in the works (as well as for “Toy Story 5” and “Zootopia 2“), but has promised that they will soon have more information to share about the production. So we can wait with bated breath to see what else Disney will reveal about the plot of the third part of “Frozen”.

When could “Frozen 3” be released in cinemas?

This is likely to take some time in any case. There were also years between the release of the first and second parts. The production is complex and we can probably expect the new part in 2025 at the earliest. However, an official date has not yet been announced. However, news on this should follow soon.

What will happen in the third part of “Frozen”?

We will hopefully soon find out what adventure awaits the two sisters and their friends. So far there is no information on this. Elsa is in the enchanted forest and Anna is Queen of Arendelle, with Kristoff at her side. Most likely, either the forest or the kingdom is under threat and the siblings must stick together to keep the evil at bay. Or maybe Anna and Kristoff already have children and the adventure revolves around their welfare? You can still let your imagination wander until we receive official news about the future of “Frozen 3”.

Fortunately, Molina wasn’t right – it’s going back to Arendelle!

Alfred Molina, the voice of Anna and Elsa’s father Agnarr, had been very dismissive of a sequel in the past and was of the opinion that there would be no more.

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