Work with an experienced marketing professional who is upskilling in social media with Digital Mums. Become one of our Programme Partners and benefit from 24 weeks of great value social media marketing. Join the hundreds of businesses that have worked with us so far.

Digital Mums Trainee

Incredible value social media solutions delivered by experienced professionals

The Detail

Why a Trainee?

  • All have marketing/PR/Communications/journalism backgrounds
  • Professionals with years of experience
  • Women from a broad variety of industries
  • All have completed a rigorous application process
  • Incredible value social media management
  • Benefit from cutting edge social media learning
  • A unique analytics-driven approach to social media
  • Tailored matching process to find most suitable mum
  • 10 hours social media marketing each week for 24 weeks


As our Digital Mums are still in training, we charge a very low one-off administration fee of £599 plus VAT.

The matching process

  • Fill out our assessment form
  • Chat to our team to ensure you're the right fit
  • Brief us on your campaign objectives
  • Get matched with your Digital Mum
  • Watch your social media campaign start to take shape

Next steps

We'd love to talk to you more about becoming a Programme Partner. The first step is to access our Information Pack for more details and to make sure you fit our criteria. If you do, fill out our assessment form and one of our team will then be in touch to arrange a call.

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What your Trainee does

A focus on strategy

Your Digital Mum works on strategy development with support from her course tutor, a digital marketing consultant. This includes customer profiles of your target audience, influencer mapping and content development. You approve the overarching social media campaign strategy.

The campaign goes live

Your Digital Mum begins an eight-week strategic campaign run over two social media channels with clear pre-determined objectives agreed by you in advance. Whether it's increasing brand awareness or improving engagement rates, every Digital Mum drives real, tangible results.

Clear tangible reporting

You receive weekly progress updates so you know how your Digital Mum is meeting your objectives. Plus a final report will give you an overview of the impact your Trainee has made, with key recommendations. You are able to hire your Digital Mum on graduation but there is no obligation.

Why it's Awesome

Digital Mums Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

From national journalists to former PR and marketing directors, all Digital Mums come from a marcomms background. Add in our cutting edge social media training and you get the complete package.

Digital Mums Affordability Guaranteed

Affordability Guaranteed

Because our Digital Mums are still in training we charge extremely low fees for the support we offer meaning we offer the best value social media solution on the market.

Digital Mums Access the Community

Access the Community

Digital Mums are so much more than just individual freelancers. Your business benefits from our amazing 600 strong community of Digital Mum talent, who regularly strategise and brainstorm together.


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