Our alumni have undergone comprehensive training with us in organic social media marketing and many have expanded their skills to offer advanced social ad strategy or a full set of digital marketing services. Over half have career backgrounds in marketing, communications, PR, journalism and broadcast media. They have worked with brands as recognisable and varied as Huggies, Marmite, Epson and Google.

Digital Mums Talent

Don’t know what you should be doing?

Access one-off strategic services

If you don't know what you should be doing on your social media platforms and are struggling to grow then you've come to the right place. Our members provide consultancy sessions, audits and strategies so you can be confident you are doing the right things and stop second-guessing yourself. Prices range from £149 for a consultancy session to £1000 for a full strategy.

Aren't sure exactly how to do it?

Receive training and coaching

Do you need someone to show you or your team what to do? Our alumni offer a range of training solutions, from 1:1 sessions, to in-person workshops or full bespoke corporate training packages. Prices for training are available on request. If you want online training then we do train businesses on our courses check out the courses page to find out more. Or get in touch to access one of our alumni.

Don’t have the time to do it?

Outsource your platform management

If you are a brand with a bigger budget you might be looking to hire someone to manage your social platforms for you. Our alumni also offer outsourcing solutions for the right price. How much this costs depends on your ambitions. A basic package to keep platforms ticking over with no content creation requirements can cost as little as £500/month but if you want to see significant growth and results on time-intensive platforms like Instagram this can climb to £1500/month per platform.

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