House of the Dragon: Foot fetish with consequences – this is what’s behind the deal between Larys Kraft and Alicent Hohenturm

In episode 9 of "House of the Dragon", we see a special deal between Lary's power and Alicent Hohenturm. The Queen of the Seven Kingdoms takes advantage of her servant's foot fetish.

Fetishes have many faces, as “House of the Dragon” shows. In the ninth episode, we learn that the collaboration between Lary’s power and Alicent Hohenturm is taken to a new level by one of these.

The Littlefinger of “House of the Dragon” and the Queen have been working together since the 5th episode. Initially, Larys gave Alicent information to increase his position within the royal house, but after almost 20 years in her service, he has reached the bottom of the ladder. So something new must be found to replace him.

To get the information she wants, Alicent has to show her feet. The more she shows of them, the more she learns about Larys. It is unclear how long this game has been going on between the two of them.

But her special deal with Larys shows just how strong Alicent really is. Even though she is stuck in a gilded cage, she finds ways to use it to her advantage. Without destroying the delicate structure around her.

That’s why Larys covets the queen’s feet

House of the Dragon: Foot fetish with consequences - this is what's behind the deal between Larys Kraft and Alicent Hohenturm

Larys Kraft’s foot fetish can possibly be traced back to his own supposed imperfection. He was born with a club foot as a child, which restricts his movement. As a result, he was never able to become a warrior like his brother Harwin Kraft and other men. He was forced to join the women and fight for his goals with words.

Due to his own physical impairment, he apparently longs for what he cannot have. Whether he has romantic feelings for Alicent or is merely sexually interested in her, we cannot say. But the agreement between the Queen and Larys is also a safeguard for the heir to Harenhal.

The shame-filled act of letting Larys masturbate at the sight of her feet ensures that Alicent will keep quiet about their deal. The queen will therefore never admit where and how she obtains her information. This secures Larys’ job.

However, Larys actor Matthew Needham has his own theory as to why Larys makes the foot deal with Alicent. At a Game of Thrones 2022 convention, he explains that he doesn’t think Larys has a foot fetish, at least not as it’s understood in 2022. Rather, Larys is concerned that Alicent is as ashamed of this part of her body as he is.

“He mutilates people by cutting out their tongues or eyes. I think he likes to make people incomplete. However, he can’t do the same to Alicent. However, he can connect parts of her body to a trauma so that she still suffers from it after his death. In doing so, he turns his victim’s body into a crime scene. I think that’s what he likes to do. That’s why I don’t think he loves feet. It’s the fact that Alicent is disgusted by this act and he can force her to do it.”

Matthew Needham during the “Game of Thrones” convention

That’s why Alicent made the deal with Larys

Larys’ power to show her feet is not the queen’s most dignified moment. For this reason, she turns away from her ally with tears in her eyes. But for Alicent, this is the only way to get more information than her father.

For Alicent, sex has always been purely a means to an end. Just like in her marriage, she only uses it to get what she wants. Sex with Viserys I to become queen and being used as a sex object to get information. Alicent never found anything satisfying in these actions.

This is why the agreement is so questionable

Even before her coronation, the devout Alicent condemned any sexual activity outside of marriage. Nevertheless, she gives moon tea to the young girls who sleep with her son Aegon II or helps Lary’s power to live out his foot fetish.

The fact that Kriston Kraut broke his oath with Rhaenyra back then is also acceptable to Alicent. She even promotes him to bodyguard. As long as it benefits her, the queen sees nothing wrong with her actions.

In itself, it is not reprehensible for Alicent to indulge in such actions, but her handling of them is questionable. To cover up her own shame, she publicly condemns anyone who indulges their extramarital and “abnormal” sexual desires. A double standard with which she harms women in particular, as they are usually more ostracized for their sexual preferences than men.

It remains to be seen whether Larys and Alicent’s deal will deepen further in season 2 of “House of the Dragon”.

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