I Hate Christmas Season 3: Will the comedy series continue?

In "I Hate Christmas", a young woman is urgently looking for an alibi boyfriend. Find out whether her search continues in season 3.

In order to nip the unpleasant comments about her single status in the bud, nurse Gianna (Pilar Fogliati) quickly invents an alleged boyfriend for her family. But as Christmas slowly approaches, time is running out – because she only has 24 days left to find an alibi partner. So the young woman desperately enters the dating fray to keep her lie alive. Will the search for a partner go into a new round in the third season of “I Hate Christmas”?

Is “I Hate Christmas” season 3 still to come?

In a humorous manner, “I Hate Christmas” tackles a topic that many young people will know only too well: the expectations of their own family. However, Gianna’s struggle between work, family pressure and finding a partner is not just amusing to watch. The Italian Netflix production does not fail to strike a serious note and depict the emotional world of its protagonist in a comprehensible way. The Norwegian original “Christmas at Home” mastered the same tonal balancing act with ease. With its skillful blend of drama and comedy, the Italian remake also won the hearts of fans during the festive season. But what about “I Hate Christmas” season 3? So far, nothing is known about a third run, as Coming Soon reports. However, according to Architetto, another season is not out of the question. This is because, although the key storylines will be brought to a conclusion, possibilities for a sequel will also be opened up. However, fans will have to be patient until a possible third season of “I Hate Christmas”.

Fun alternatives to “I Hate Christmas” season 3

If you’re longing for a third season of “I Hate Christmas” season 3, you can bridge the gap with a few similar series:

  • “A Storm at Christmas”: Several people are on their way home to celebrate Christmas with their families. But it is uncertain whether they will reach their loved ones – because they are stuck at Oslo airport due to the weather conditions. You can stream the emotional mini-series with a Netflix subscription.
  • “Peaceful Christmas”: Johanna (Valerie Huber) and Anton (Timur Bartels) are eagerly anticipating the celebration of love, as it is their first Christmas together. But the happy couple are put to the test – because the three days in a chalet in the Alps with their very different families are anything but easy. You can find the comedy series as a subscription on Amazon Prime Video.
  • “ÜberWeihnachten”: Budding musician Bastian (Luke Mockridge) celebrates Christmas with his family in the Eifel. But the festivities are anything but harmonious when it turns out that his brother is now dating his ex. But even more secrets come to light. You can find the dramedy series on Netflix.

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