Imaginary New Horror Trailer Shows: This teddy bear doesn’t belong in children’s hands any more than M3GAN does

'Imaginary' is set to inherit murder doll Chucky. And the new trailer for the horror film from Blumhouse shows that this teddy bear is much creepier.

Toys have an image that is at least as innocent as the children who are supposed to play with them. They can appear as sexist as Barbie to adult eyes or as martial as He-Man or Action Man action figures: in the small hands of children with their eyes shining with joy, they become the key to a fantasy world in which stories unfold that even the most creative minds could not dream up.

But what if these worlds that open up, these figures that are inherent in the toys from a child’s perspective, are not imaginary at all and certainly not the product of infantile fantasy? What if they are in fact the most dangerous thing in the whole house, indeed in the whole neighborhood, and emanate a power that goes far beyond the imaginable? Several horror films have already played with this idea, some of which have achieved cult status: “Chucky – The Murder Doll”, “Annabelle”, Roland Emmerich’s “Joey” and most recently “M3GAN”, to name but a few. There is even a family-friendly version with the entertaining “Small Soldiers” from “Gremlins” director Joe Dante, which you can stream via Amazon.

Now the horror company Blumhouse Productions is preparing to add another toy to this list – a teddy bear. However, as is typical of the genre, the teddy bear is apparently just a vessel in this world for an entity that stretches out its claws for innocent souls. And the new trailer just released for “Imaginary” shows just how dangerous it really is:

The first teaser trailer already put the evil in the supposedly peaceful suburban home in the right light:

Maybe it’s the eerie variation on The Temptations’ “Just My Imagination”, maybe it’s the dark atmosphere, but the trailers for “Imaginary” don’t miss their mark: for a change, this could be another horror film that knows how to scare not just with audiovisually forced moments of terror and gory images, but with an eerie atmosphere that gets to your very core.

“Imaginary”: From horror expert Jason Blum and the director of “Kick-Ass 2”

Jessica and her family move back to her parents’ house in her hometown. There are still a few things from her childhood in the cellar. One of them is the teddy bear Chauncey, which her stepdaughter Alice discovers. At first the young mother thinks nothing of it, but when Alice starts behaving more and more strangely, her family realizes that this teddy bear is anything but harmless.

It’s amazing: while the Hollywood mainstream pours itself into endless sequels and further spin-offs of successful franchises, the horror genre manages to produce completely original works time and time again. And one person who particularly understands this craft is Blumhouse founder and producer Jason Blum, who has already celebrated successes this year with “M3GAN”, “Insidious: The Red Door”, “Totally Killer” and most recently with “Five Nights at Freddy’s”.

With “Imaginary”, he and director Jeff Wadlow (“Kick-Ass 2”, “Truth or Dare”) combine the theme of possessed objects with that of imaginary acquaintances. Wadlow co-wrote the screenplay with Greg Erb (“Senseless”), Jason Oremland (“Monster High: The Movie”) and Bryce McGuire (“Night Swim”).

DeWanda Wise (“Jurassic World – A New Age”), Tom Payne (“The Walking Dead”), Betty Buckley (“Split”), Pyper Braun (“Desperation Road”) and Taegen Burns (“I Can Only Imagine – The Song of My Life”) act in front of the camera. “Imaginary” will be released in cinemas on 8 March 2024 (USA).

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